December 4th, 2003

honk if you think i'm hottttt

yeah so i'm bored out of my witts! tear tear! the days have just gone pretty slow...and nothing new has been happening. blekkkk! it seems as if me & aaron and me & barlotta are getting closer and closer as friends. good stuff. i burnt myself with the curling iron...not kool! but at least it was for a good cause. i was experimenting with new looks and it hit me! i came out with a preppy christmasy look with waved messy hair and holiday colored make-up. it looks like a cheap version of a preppy punk look but it does the job cause i make it look good. lol. ;) speaking of christmas...i really don't want to spend it at home. i have such a small family and it's too quiet. plus i have no money to get my friends, let alone family, any gifts...and i'm too young to get a job...argh! tommorow's sissy's sweet 16...nice...and then saturday i may do something with aaron or pat. sunday i'll hopefully go into the city to see the tree and do some shopping on 5th ave. [inserts wink wink here] =D i want to date...if anyone has a guy they're not using or have a hand-me-down-guy please send him to me...i'm pretty much just looking for a friend i can call more...and not nessasarily have to do anything with him! =) yeah later kiddos. woah!

have to go to the church thinger-ma-bobber...later kiddos. -inga
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