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an ode to my love, micheal thomas hilton...

your the best thing that ever happened to me...and i thank you deeply for the many memories you left within my heart. i love you mike. from those amazing days we shared together over the the amazing weekends that we went to the movies and just held each other. the inside jokes we shared together like uncle cows and how he was going to smack you with his utter. ahhhh. ::memories:: or our first kiss? i really wanted you to be my last kiss as well. it was god's greatest gift for me to meet you. i hoped you felt the same. but what hurt me the most...i never got to tell you good bye...or how i still loved even after that one long hurtful night. we never faught. you were great to me. you treated me like i was a queen and since then i haven't even come close to finding anyone who did that to me. but why didn't you tell me? would have still been the same...i still would have loved you. i guess you wanted to live life to the fullest? and i hope you did. now i knew why you never wanted anyone to ever feel sorry for you. wow...i just can't tell you how much you mean to me and how much i still love you. after you left...i lost everything...i didn't know much about life...but i did know then i would never see you again. i lost my faith...and i was angry at god for doing something like that to me. i actually stopped beliving in him...but then i realized he does exsist and he took you from me because you were so perfect he had bigger plans for you. your my guardian angel. sometimes though...i wish i was able to be there with the most pleasent place where you rest. all i know is i miss you soo much. your kiss forever lays upon my lips. and you in the end will be my last travel with me every where i go in my heart.

my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.<3

R.I.P. - Michael Thomas Hilton
my first true love </3>HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! <333333</div>'s a sad yet happy day i guess in a way? he would have been 15 today. how is it possible for him to die at sucha young age...he was only 13?! unbeliveable. ::tears::

from the first kisses to the very last rose,
ingrid...i love you my darling <33333333
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