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everything's changing...but beauty remains...

ahhhhhhhhhh. i had a mucho relaxing weekend! it was really great. it's sooo nice to go on a retreat and find people that go through the same problems as you. and since some of them are older (well most of them actually) they've been through alot more crap and they totally helped me with the problems i needed to deal with. and the chapel was soooo beautiful! i've never seen anything so pretty. and bed time was at 12 but me, court, amanda, katie crespo, fig, and steph just basically stayed up later and ate snacks. lol. it was sooo great.

christian bling pass the warm and fuzzy! it becomes cold and! ahhhh good stuff! made sooo many kool friends that'll i know i'll have for life. can't wait till the ski trip! ;)

as for the drama that happened while i was gone...could don't tell me when i go to school tommorow...speaking of which...i took the day offf because i'm really tired...didn't do my homework...and really sore externally and internally. ekkkkkkk!

so dave told mike! i feel really excited for some reason! even if mike says he doesn't like me i tried...and i think that's all that really matters here. but don't get me wrong....god do i want him to like me! =)

okies...well if anyone in school feels like please! i'm sooo lonely at home! =(

ohhhh and we have any band practices tonight?

truely yours,
the orange jew. lol.
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