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watch my every moves as the tears fall down my face...

drama this drama that...i'm sick of it!

yeah i hope your happy lembo...i think of you as my favorite teacher...i consider you a friend that i can go to for help and what do you do to me?...stab me in the effing back! dancing is my passion...i don't know if you had a dream as a kid...but without dancing my life is's all i have honestly! it's my past...why would you do such a thing?

retreat this weekend...crespo is picking me up at 4:30. at least i have something to look foward to this weekend.

another one bites the dust...i think there is something wrong with me...because guys are just not interested in me.

i'll never be with mike...i need to grow up and stop thinking these stupid little fairy tales really do come true. </3 !@#$%, inga ='(
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