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long update...

sunday - so yeah i spent the whole day with pat and kevin colletti and we went sledding! whoop whoop! lol. it was fun and the first time i went down with pat i flew off and like did a superman down the was sooo great! lol. then i went back to their house and we had dinner and chilled out for a bit and also had a snow ball fight between pat, his little adorable cousin (lauren), and me. it was soo cute. then kevin, james, pat, this girl jackie i met (kevin's friend), and me all went to the movies and saw timeline...gayest was so predictable and it was a waste of money and time!...but at least we all still managed to have a good time together. then i went back to their house again and i stayed till about 10 and just chilled. good stuff. (lol...kevin...shake shake shake it like a polaroid picture! mwahahahahahaa!)

monday - nothing too interesting happened in school...went and shuttled to west after school and chilled with the band crew. ashley, amanda, and me sat there as the track ran indoors and and watched them by the end of the track practice we knew almost! and gwen's brother has been nominated for one of the hottest kids in school. lol...good stuff! =) then we went back to the school and we chilled there and someone brought someone and things got uncomfortable...and i left. found niki and mahnoor went back to the school with them and when we got back that person was gone...and yeah...then band started and we celebrated sissy's birthday and we just practiced the whole show. it was fun. hah. nothing interesting happened after that and then we left.

tuesday - yay! it was a cool cat day! school was the same and then i shuttled with court and mandy to west and from there we walked to my mom's job...and then to the recterey(sp) so i could drop off the retreat form and then we made our way over to the field behind st. ambrose and chilled out. ummm...yeah so i did the stupidest thing ever! i decided to do a kool jackass stunt and it was just stupid. hahahahahaha! then we stopped at jill's and said hi and shit and then soon after that made our way back to court's for the girl scout meeting. it was soooo funny. after everyone left me, court, and my sister just stayed and we watched a movie. then we ate over and watched x-men after that...and then we just left around 10! argh.

today - ugh it was such a frusterating morning! i get to school and i couldn't find my slip to go on the trip so my teacher (bonk...what a fucking bitch) didn't let me leave her class early. not only that but she told me to see if maybe i left the slip with ms. hamlin so i went and checked and 3rd bell rang so she was sooo smart enough to not give me an effing pass and i got cought sent to the attendance office and they made me write why i was late so i put my stupid teacher was soo cool enough to let me out of class without an effing pass. so she read that and i got into trouble. grrrrrrrr! *whorecough* so after class i ran out of there like a maniac to see if i could still make the trip...and luckily i did! ugh. god how i hate bonk. so the trip was kool...saw my old school..tear tear...and i saw ms. chin! yay! i missed her soo much! i made my swing flag work look soo good (well i tried that is) and i had sooo much fun doing it all. =D that made my day better! then went to west and stayed after to learn music for the was good stuff...but i can't personally be a soprano so this sucks! the alto song in kool though...hehehe...and it's a tango! whoop whoop! then after we decided that we missed the late, kira, pat, and paul just chilled and watched! it was cool...then kira's grandma was kool enough to take me home and i slept for like the rest of the day...but my throat now is feeling sore...i need to go make some tea and try to feel better! too tired.

later kiddies!
the fire crotch! =)

P.S. - i am not a cock!

[] Shake Shake Shake it
// Like a polaroid Picture

------stolen from niki...who stole it from antoinette! lol... <3
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