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the sweetest 16...

it was quite a chaotic night...the snow made me worry if the party was still on or if it wasn't...and what was going on with niki and mahnoor...neither of them were able to go...but i still went and tried to have a great time for the three of us. besides...sissy's my could i let her down on her night? i got there and everyone was dressed up so i didn't feel like an idiot...and i got some feedback on my pretty much spent the night chilling with jess, diana, joclyn (sp), and stevie. cool people. we danced and we had a good time. eric was was a bit akward at first i may admitt but i wasn't going to let that stop me. it was so weird though...cause like i really thought i was getting over eric and then i saw him there...and he was so goregous...and i like wanted him back so much! i think it was the over whelming thought of how we were suppose to be there together and he's with someone and yeah. i guess the saying out of mind out of thought only works when your with someone else. but they never said anything about out of heart...

sissy...thanks so much for inviting me. it was so wonderful. and your candle ceremony was adorable. =D looked so cute in the shower picture! hahahahahahahahahaa! ok i'm done.

one word...shrinkage. sweet.

i don't want alot for christmas
there is just one thing i need
i don't care about the presents
underneath the christmas tree
i just want you for my own
more then you could ever know
baby make my wish come true
baby all i want for christmas is
- mariah carey...cough ;)

have the sweetest 16 sissy! <3 - happy birthday!

with all the love in my heart,
ingrid <3
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