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alot to tell...

i've had just about the most amazing vacation you all know...i went on s cruise. i met tons of great people...and i even got to know some people that i already knew even better...argh. so yeah i met this amazing kid ted...but i honestly won't go into everything unless you ask me because it's more one of those memories that live in your heart. i have a feeling i'll be seeing more of him though. [inserts ear to ear smile here] <3

the islands were absolutely astounding and i had a great thanksgiving too...i spent the day on st. thomas (saphirre beach)...good i came back to the ship and got ready for dinner. after dinner i met ted at one of the bars and went and partied with night.

every night on the cruise i got drunk...and every day i would have the biggest was so fun (minus the hangovers)...but the worst thing about the cruise is i think i'm addicted to smoking now...blehhhh. argh...some one slap me please.

but yeah...the past few days have been kool...i made up with some people...eric, manda, etc...and aaron and me have become better friends then's kind of crazy...but totally in a good way.

ohhh yeah and how could i forget...I'M MOVING! =0
yupp...i totally can't belive it...didn't see this one comming...i got home from the airport on sunday night and i walked into the sign and was like...ohhh mom...look a for sale sign...and then cried my eyes out...and worst of all...i don't know what hurt...walking into the sign...or how much i'll miss all these sweet memories i have here. but in a strange way...i'm happy i'm least i get rid of theis crazy drama. =)

alrighty all...later kids,
inga_red <3

P.S. - i forgot to mention...i'm picking up drums and starting a band! ;) good charlotte...WATCH OUT! mwahahahahahaa!

* just for the record...
i'm moving to yeah sorry! =( <3
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