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♥ kiss my tears away [entries|friends|calendar]
RocC ★ StaR

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i see you baby...shaking that ass! [22 Feb 2004|02:00pm]
[ mood | tired ]

lol...last night was grrrrreat! niki came over and brought sooo much liquor....i didn't like understand where the hell she got it all from...lol. then 2 of her friends...john and jacob came over...then the twins showed up...then chris! <3 =D good stuff. lol. my house was crazzzay....and niki was like drunk off her mind...it was sooooo funny! lol. then everyone like left and mahnoor and linnea show up! lol. it was really funny. then they left cause like nobody was there except me and chris. everybody like cancelled last minute! fuckers! lol. but we still had fun. then me and chris cuddled and watched the new guy. lol...cute movie and he left around 11:30...lol...then my mom came home 10 mins. later and saw liquor in the trash and went buck wild...lol...it was funny though. lol. yeah but it was fun over all. something just didn't feel right though. things i still need to decide. talk to you kiddies later!


i'll update you all on what happens! =(

kisses! <3

i'll leave you with this...

estee 102%
xxdork21xx 102%
meaninglesslove 95%
_femmefatale 93%
cgchic 91%
dragon82487 91%
dragonslave 91%
ill_be_ur_truth 91%
brokenxsilence 85%
lessthanally 85%
xoswtmandaxo 85%
_weirdguy_ 84%
robbankrobber 76%
boysetsfirex15 72%
falkram 72%
kissxthexrain 72%
onceand4all 65%
thesouthstar 65%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY KIDDIES! <333 [14 Feb 2004|09:28am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

yeah....so i want to start this post off with a...

- a decade of memories -

through thick and thin,
we've always been,
and now today,
we made our way,
and courtney i love you! <3

best friends forever...till death do us part! <3

dear roo *,
look how far we've come! you are my sister...through our petty little fights to our great memories we still beat everyone by miles. "hey i'm in grade k" lol. god you are just the best thing that has ever happened to me. if we've made it this far...we'll make it till forever! i love you dearie! <3 [insert penis here] lol.
love always,
* coupe

yeah so there is nothing really special i'm doing today aside from maybe hanging with court...me = no valentine!

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all you need is le le le love... [19 Jan 2004|12:23pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i just realized i'm not going to the obhs prom...[inserts tear here] =(Collapse )

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just shut up and kiss me! [14 Jan 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

suddenly in the mood for sunflowers (my favorite flowers) and romance...hmmmmmmm. yummers!

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it's time for a change around here. [13 Jan 2004|07:45pm]
[ mood | busy ]


yuppers...due to recent events don't want some people to know about my life.


comment to be added. =D
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you amuse me you fucking skank. [12 Jan 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

niqqqa plszZz x0: neither are you ass hole .. i hope you burn in hell .. do you even believe in hell ? bytch go fck yourself ..
niqqqa plszZz x0: you have alot of nerve
niqqqa plszZz x0: you skanky whore
he broke me x: easy for you to say...say it to my face whore
he broke me x: and your white
he broke me x: get over yourself
niqqqa plszZz x0: your an ass hole .. yo .. you find the need to ryte bout me .. i swear ingrid no one reads
he broke me x: i'm an asshole
niqqqa plszZz x0: not as white as you ... n e ways .. you need to grow up!
he broke me x: you are you stupid fat ass bitch
niqqqa plszZz x0: yea..
he broke me x: cause i def. did something wrong
niqqqa plszZz x0: ugly red headed slut jew
niqqqa plszZz x0: you did !
he broke me x: SAY THAT TO MY FACE YOU FAT ASS!\
niqqqa plszZz x0: i will you jew
niqqqa plszZz x0: bytch!!
niqqqa plszZz x0: try me 1
niqqqa plszZz x0: you think mah prob had no need for tears
niqqqa plszZz x0: yet your fcken PAT didnt like you
niqqqa plszZz x0: all guys see is yer tits .. so get over yer self

your white and fat...and an insult to black people...so shut the fuck up!


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give me some sugar...i am your neighbor! [12 Jan 2004|03:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]


my day was pretty nice...class went pretty smoothly...and we actually do work in science now. grrrrrrrrrr. hey but i guess you get what you get.

ummm so saturday night was amazingly fun! i love my band loverers and i love dancing! <3 the day was kind of shitty though considering the fact that fat ass doesn't no when to fucking shut up...and as soon as she goes "you don't deserve me as a friend...go to your loser band geeks...cause you lost me as a friend." so i go to her "no amanda...the only loser friend i had was obviously you." i love how she goes and insults my friends meanwhile she has none.

then yesterday morning i went to the turning point to go have brunch with my mom, her friends (iris, elizebeth, and barbra), and iris's son max. after brunch we went to walgreens and did some food shopping and then went to elizebeth's to have dinner there. mike came back from his dad's to have dinner with his mom and so did his cousin jason. interesting evening. at least we didn't fight all night. mike murry was actually nice to me for once. hmmmmmmmm. what has this world come to?

alrighty...no plans really for tonight...god i hope it snows!

::crosses my fingers and prays for winter::

painting the town my favorite color

i love how life takes you so how high and then drops you flat like a fucking pancake! [10 Jan 2004|11:04am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

the last 2 days have been so fucking shitty!

thursday - (last day of suspension) me, court, and amanda got into a huge argument. courtney stormed off like a maniac, while amanda stayed behind with me to talk. she said all this shit about court and jill and how weed is gay and blah blah blah...and YES I DID AGREE WITH SOME STUFF SHE SAID...but then the next day she ran to court and said i said all this shit about her and jill and michelle which fucking never happened...so i think this girl has some fucking explaining to do. i love how jersey girls talk soo much shit without backing up anything they fucking ever say. well we'll see who's fucking laughing in the end.

friday - went back to school with my mom (we had an appointment with the office to let me back into school) and i went upstairs to go get my books and court, jill and amanda were all walking together and amanda goes "she a fucking skank and deserves to lose her teacher like that" only for her to not notice my mom standing there and when she did the three of them went up to her and kissed up to her...i love how they think my mom can't hear anything they say. then supposedly court left early and amanda did too because she was in "tears". psht. good for her. and then later at night my mom was going out with her friend iris and was like you are going cause i want to set you up with her son. obviously she knew i wasn't interested in any guys at the moment and how i hate most of them for the time being. but anyway, i went to do her a favor and he wasn't the most attractive guy but he was quite smart. he's a sophmore and well...a red head. god help me. it was a good night though, we went to steak loft for dinner, some diner on rt.9 for dessert, and then went to see big fish at 10:25. i enjoyed myself for the fisrt time in awhile which makes me a bit happier then i was before.

today - i was suppose to go to some beauty pagent thingie with court today but looks like that's not happening, but at least i can look foward to the band party. whoop.

and i don't want the world to see me...cause i don't think that they'd understand.

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thanks for everything pat. [07 Jan 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | miserable ]

i figured out the key to people's depressions.

they lie to themselves about what they want and you soon start to belive it's something else you want...but in honesty...all you want is what your running away from.

i have no clue how long i can keep this game up. i'm at the point where i cry myself to sleep let alone sit at my computer in tears just waiting for you to im me. i'm not asking for much...just the truth. if youcan't give me that, let along yourself that, why did you even bother. why have i spent the last 5 years telling myself it was worth every minute? why did i continue comming to see you on wednesday nights at schrirra during kartee? why did i let you call me after a year of isolation from my life. why did i kiss you infront of my elementary school where everyone saw? why did we go on the long nature walk to get lost on purpose? why did i give you myself only to hear it was a fling? why can't i stop crying like a baby? why did i give up my halloween to spend the evening dinning with you at your house? why is it that you can't except your still in love with me?

you killed the best of me. and then threw me to the dogs without saying good bye. have you learned to live your lie?

is it really over?

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vogue...stike a pose! [07 Jan 2004|10:49am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Versace: Oww, the essence of haute! You are
flashy, daring, and dramatic! You believe in
beauty above practicality and view fashion as

What fashion designer fits you
brought to you by Quizilla

ohhh dahhhhh dal'ling! ;)

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because you called me a fucking fling... [06 Jan 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

...i am now asexual. goddamit!

i swear to god...i will rip your throat out.

that is all.


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bring on the heartbreak. </3 [06 Jan 2004|01:07pm]
[ mood | moody ]

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i figure this would be a wonderful time to speed you all of my break... [05 Jan 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

...since i was not able to have the pleasure of computer access. well the last time you heard from me was last friday night with ash, ant, and rehorn. interesting night.
sat. - didn't do anything to wow...didn't have my computer to make plans for anything. missed out on my night with jimmy. grrrr!

sun. - that was pretty kool. even though sissy nor rehorn could go to a lost memory show i ended up meeting dana and mandy there with a few other people. very fun. a lost memory did such an amzing job at that show...great stuff. and i have to credit mark for being alive and having fun while playing. it was soo crazy. then after that mrs. richardson was nice enough to drop me off at abyss and met up with jill bunsick and her ghetto saverville crew. we had some fun there. i left at 11:40 though cause i wasn't feeling to great.

mon. - chilled with the old crew again. amazing. i miss all of them (minus tina dirt...gross!). and then we all went to go see something's got to give. hahahaha...ewwww we saw diane keaton naked in that movie! yuck! old titties! lol. then as we were waiting for amanda's mom to pick us up we chilled with some guys outside and one of them i kind of knew from school. it was kind of fun. i slept over court's that night...it was pretty kool.

tues. - went home in the morning and then came back later and then everyone came back to and we all chilled and played a harsh joke on the dirty bi. ewwwwwwwwww. and i applied for a job and suposedly i will have a interview next week to make things more fun. lol. quite excited. yippee!

wed. - new year's eve...went to my cousin's got drunk came home at 5....long night.

thurs. - stayed home...i was really sick.

fri. - sick.

sat. - still sick but managed to go out and catch a movie with court and jill at mega. ran into kevin...very weirded out.

sun. - just chilled decorated my kool redone room. spent the night (till 1 am) on the phone with ryan. amazingness! lol.
ohhh yeah how could i forget! sex & the city! ahhhhhhhh! ::orgasm:: it was good to see the fashion again...ohhh yeah and the sex fiends are i guess also nice as well. lol.

- vacation!

done. later kiddies. kill me now? =D

* EDiT *

i fixed up my user info a bit as well...tell me what you think if your up at this hour. =x

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mother fucker! !@#!$!#@%@#$ [05 Jan 2004|03:14pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

yuppers...soooo suspened.

3 days out of school. - $5000

getting switched out of lembo's class. - $300

getting the shit beat out of me by my mom. - $16,000 (for doctor's bills that is)

seeing lembo's/ the class' face when he read the christmas card & getting a g-string from me for x-mas. - priceless.

how funny is that?! lol.

yuppers...now you just gave me a reason to fall head over heals for you. ;)

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guess who's back mother fuckers! hahahahahahahaha! [04 Jan 2004|07:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

wow...soooo much to tell you all but righ now can't cause i'm getting ready for...

Sex & the City!

i hear samantha jones (kim catrell) get's diagonsted with cancer! ahhhhhhhhhh! ::tears::

much love kiddies!

painting the town my favorite color

such a great night! [27 Dec 2003|09:50am]
[ mood | amused ]

yeah so i missed hanging out with my beloved ones (ash,ant, and rehorn)! ash picked me up and then we all went to ant's to pick her and rehorn up. good stuff. it was a paked car but it was fun considering the fact we we're close enough to start the next T.A.T.U.! lol. then we got there and went straight into pac. sun cause ant wanted to go cloths shopping and she got a few shirts and then i saw melinda and tiff there. kool beans. talked to them for a little then went back to my lovers! then harley, chris, nick, and some other kid walked into pac sun for no apparent reason just so chris and harley could be gay and watch us. gay kids! hahahahaha! and harley was wearing a playboy bunny trucker hat and he kept yelling atme so i finally was like "shut up! the bunnies wouldn't even dream of you comming in their mansion let alone wear their merchandise!" lol. funny shit. then we went into the chinese resturant while ant ate food and met up with yeager! great kid! =D we had the most interesting conversation about...creaming of the panties! i feel bad for ant cause she like lost her appitite but it seriously was like the best conversation of my entire life! lol. so we came a conclusion that rehorn, ash and me all do it. we're still wondering about ant though!...lol. then we walked around a bit more and then ash & i just decided we both needed a stoge so we went outside and spilt one while we we're talking with some guys that just moved here from naples, italy. soon enough we realized we were in for a big surprize. let's just say they were the stupidest italia kids i've ever met in my life. gayasses! then we went back in and after running after ant and begging for her forgiveness...we watched her and this kid ryan i met last night play ddr against each other. fun. she's really good at it!! then we went in to go see cheaper by the dozen and i thought it was a cute, funny movie. we'll the half hour that we saw of it that is. we had to leave in the middle of the movie because ant's mom was picking us all up at 10. so rehorn just left and yeager just sat there thinking she hadd to go to the bathroom...poor yeager! so ash and ant ran off to go get some kind of jewlery for ant and me and rehorn stayed in mega and chilled with brian and ryan before they went into their movie. rehorn ran in our theater cause she felt bad and told yeager that we were leaving and gave him a kiss good bye. awwwwwwww! then russian mike came with diaz and they were talking to ryan and then out of no where russian mike turns around and goes, "your ingrid? omg...i'm a big fan of your fotki work." lol. so then i knew i had nothing better to do so i slapped him because i knew which pictures he was referring to. argh. then we left and ant's mom dropped us all off at our houses. it was a pretty good night after all.

omgomgomg! how could i forget?! we ran into eric and his girlfriend and i felt bad because we like were telling eric how we were going to buy him a g-string for his birthday with rinestones and she totally was probably like what kind of freaks do you have to deal with in band? lol. it was sooo funny.

okies well i think i am going to spend the afternoon with my jimmy. yessssss! talk to you kiddies later!


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tell me more, tell me more... [26 Dec 2003|12:50pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

yeah so no tsl concert tonight. ohhh well. but i know i'll end up going to the mall or something. gayness. then tomorrow looks pretty kool. i think i'm going to spend the afternoon with jimmy. =) sweet kid. i have to say...he is like my bestest guy friend. i can relate to him so much. then sunday i'm carpooling with sissy i belive and we're going to go to see tomorrow left behind...lol...all though it will be weird cause like i'm like only kool with two people now in the band. it's funny how the tables turn on you. hah...i totally just remembered...lol..."OHHH DAVE!" hahaha. that was some good memories. plus i saw jimmy & kevin there at their last show. ugh. i'm not sure if i can handle seeing kevin there. things always get out of hand now when i see or talk to him. but i'l make the best of it.

so my hair is a nightmare right now. i think i'll write later. buh bye kiddos.

achuihateyouachu...hahahaha! ash i love you! <3

love yah baby! - ingrid

painting the town my favorite color

not so bad after all. [25 Dec 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i think my christmas was very merry for the most part. i mean, my immediate family (not including my lazy mommy) cooked in the kitchen and made a great christmas lunch. it was actually pretty nice. then we basically sat around the house in our p.j.s' and just chilled. i got a really pretty belly ring from my sister. i was surprised. she actually got me a gift i could enjoy and wasn't really cheap about it. she spent like $35 dollars on it. goooo sister! lol. so yeah on channel 41 there is a james bond (007) marathon going on all day so my sister, my mom, and i were watching all day. pretty interesting. i want to be a bond girl...but i want to be a bond girl that doesn't end up being with bond and fight his sexy urge to have sex and then leave in the morning. making him want me all the more. lol. i'm stupid. then sex & the city came on at around 8. god i le le le love that carey bradshaw! <333333 i'd say she's my idol. =D i think i seriously am going to be just like her when i get older. ::orgasm::...lol. yeah so i'm cleaning out my room and getting rid off my computer now cause my grandpa has to redo the floor before the move. ehhhh. it won't be so bad i guess. yeah so i'm going to go get back to my loved ones. god i love the holidays. i feel like i actually belong now. =D

and to all and to all a good night...
merry christmas*

painting the town my favorite color

your a mean one mr. grinch... [24 Dec 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so pat was nice to stand me up because he lied and said he was going to 5 o'clock mass and that it would take an hour and he'd come back and hang out with me...but he was nice enough to lie and call me at 8:35 (right before he was going to his aunt's for dinner) and tell me we weren't hanging out because he just got home from mass. what a gay ass. lie after lie after lie. it's just cause he can't face me without wanting me back anymore.

thanks you grinch.


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t'was the night before christmas... [24 Dec 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]

it sure doesn't feel like christmas eve. sadly santa isn't coming down my chimmney either. well at least i'm going to go catch up with an old friend tonight. merry christmas eve ya'll!

where are you christmas?

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