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work is perfect
school sched perfect
new quarter at school is going goooddd
bf is perfect

and i cannot get enough of wednesdays martini nights! they are my favorite nights of the entire week!

shopping spree this weekend with the bf, beach with quik, and then math tutor on sunday.

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Fashion History : A
Introduction to Retailing: A
Introduction to Mathematics: A
Survey of the Fashion Industry: A

KISS MY BUTT! Straight A's are awesome.
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the government took away 200$ from my paycheck. thx guys

anyways!!! i got my loan. life is good. promotionnn too sweettt. also im starting at the art institute in jan! awesomeeeeee im way excited. i'm getting this awesome bag to hold all my art shit in it also. which makes me happier

ALSO GIRLS ARE BITCHES advice for everyone.. the only real friends are alwyas boys.
or girls who act like boys

i love nick and kate and steph

and i think i'm going to name one of my kids kate now btw. so katie thats for you to know cause i wanted to tell you awhile ago but we dont talk. but i still lvoe you cause srisouly how could i not, your my loml? thats when it gets persoanl.

nicky, the greatest friend in the entire world. by far. no one knows what friendship is unless they have nick as a friend.

and steph shut up your my sister i will always love you even though one day youre going to do like open heart surgery on me because i eat so much chocolate. youre the best

caitlin! i didnt forget about you duh
STOP PARTYING AND FREAKING GO TO SCHOOL DAMNIT but yeah i lvoe you still irish bitch even though you are way to crazy for me

anyway i think i need to be on drugs because i go off on crazy tangaents. i dont even know how to spell tangents. im pretty sure kritter kat will correct me whatever

stay safe during the holidays peopleee ill leave off with thiss cute boy
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i got extensions
pics in here:

so i decided i don't want a mini cause there too small and i dont want an element cause theyre too big.

so i'm getting an 08 honda civic lx in a couple of weeks. fun!
i'm starting at hard rock soon, thank goodness, it's close to the beach and its so slow there all the time and i'll be at a store that i actually will get promoted and its a place where i could grow.

i'm getting my hair extensions in today so katie and caitlin ima send u a pic after i get it done. i'm also getting my acrylics done and my pdicure done today. things for prom looks fine. the only bad ting i can think of is vince's stupid slut ex gf jessica being in our limo and she will be in all of our prom pictures. but anyway.

vince and i are starting yoga every thursday. and we're getting gym memberships for the summer so i can finally get toned and shit.

we're going to opas for my birthday and getting a hotel on the beach. it's going to be a blast!

i'm really excited to get my car and to graduate. i'll finally be able to do whatever i want. and to actually have a life.

things are looking better then they have been looking. lately things havent been so good. but now everything is fine. i'm so excited about getting my car! yay!

here are some pics!
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So I got a new comp. Its really cool. Eveything is pretty good.
Ap Art is so stressfull.
Cait Kat Uriell and Erika pierced thier wenices in lunchtoday. it was alright.
i fell and cut my knee. :( it hurts
chris calls me all the time.
cant wait for sat my bro is coming! and after travis's party!
Beach yesterday was so much fun! I've never been to the beach before when it was that nice.
The water super blue and the waves hueg.
erika is an awesome skimmer. lolol.
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i haven't updated this shit in a longtime.

so here is an update on my life.
1. classes are good
2. losing weight!
3. caitling connolly is my bestfriend
4. nicolas cadena is my bestfriend.
5. i love chris

basically all thats going on right now.
things have been so good the past few months.
i love everything.
especially my boyfrienddddd.
i have no life.
except for work and chris
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So i work all the time
Making so much freaking money
Im pretty good
Ii dontknow when the last time i was on the comp!
I really havent had a moment to myself in weeks.
Ive been doing way too much.
So who wants to go to the beach?
Ineed a tan.
Love my life and the people in it.
Espec the boys.
Lol :))))))))))
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i refuse to make an 07 post.
fuck that.

i hate girls.
they're idiots.
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daniela and i have a lot of fun.
be jealous.

i thought winter break was going to suck without ricky. but i've had a blast.
not that i don't miss him and all.

love daniela.
rld rld rld rld rld rld rld rld rld rld