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a further peculiarity

9 April
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This journal isn't abandoned. Not really. I'm just easily distracted by shiny new things and the current bauble to have caught my fancy is tumblr. So instead of reading and writing cleverly worded (hah!) entries, I now spend my days vacantly staring at pretty pictures. The rest of the time I'm trying to finish my master thesis. It's not going too well. I blame it on tumblr.

ETA: Actually it's finished now. Despite tumblr. Go me!


Sometimes I make icons. With brushes. As one does. Those brushes (plus textures) have been made by the following very talented people:

inxsomniax saava crumblingwalls teh_indy kimberly_a dtissagirl calixa a_fallenstar icons_with_love faytrial boosterrocket hecatesknickers etoilepb sans_espoir quebelly blimey_icons dontlickit crushedviolet disorderedmind miggy oh_pantshanako_lovely pekeana cyberelf endlessdeep ohpaintbrush jeweledicecream disappearicons spaceyme im_glas loopybunny outside_icons oxoniensissoporifical ashke_icons colorfilter dearest _joni elli my_wonderful cdg_brushes ingenu0us neke unioncity unmasked_icons ch_photoshopped 77words backstage_art

Evenstar Art

IMPERVIUS (Harry Potter)
www.jennifer-morrison.com (House)
prettybutt (Muse)
OutNow.ch (There Will Be Blood)

On occasion I win awards

28 days later, al swearengen, alan rickman, alexander the great, androgyny, angst, aragorn, arctic monkeys, barns courtney, bilbo/thorin, billy boyd, blackadder, books, boys in makeup, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, cal lightman, captain jack sparrow, carl barât, castles, cate blanchett, cats, cemeteries, charles ii, cheekbones, chocolate, columbus/tallahassee, daniel day-lewis, daniel/eli, daryl dixon, david tennant, deadwood, dean/sam, death of rats, defenestration, dirty pretty things, discworld, dominic howard, douglas adams, dr who, draco malfoy, elegantly wasted, england, fandom, fanfiction, feminism, firefly, first aid kit, florence + the machine, game of thrones, girl interrupted, good omens, grey eyes, harry potter, harry/snape, helena bonham-carter, history, hugh laurie, irony, jason isaacs, john wilmot, johnny depp, keira knightley, krycek, lenore, lie to me, london, lord john grey, lucius malfoy, mads mikkelsen, mal reynolds, matt bellamy, merlin, merlin/arthur, milla jovovich, mumford & sons, muse, music, my chemical romance, my so-called life, naps, neil gaiman, new orleans, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, post-apocalyptic fiction, procrastination, pulp, reading, resident evil, restoration england, richard armitage, rome, rufus sewell, rust cohle, sam/dean, sarcasm, scotland, serenity, severus snape, shakespeare, slash, sleeping, snark, social history, socialism, spike, spike/xander, stephen fry, temeraire, terry pratchett, the decemberists, the hobbit, the libertine, the libertines, the magnetic fields, the mighty boosh, the smiths, the walking dead, there will be blood, tim burton, tim roth, tmithc, true detective, viggo mortensen, vimes/vetinari, vladimir nabokov, wednesday addams, wincest, withnail & i, zombieland, zombies