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George Michael, You Graduated!

How crazy. On the morning of Dec 24th, I had the urge to find an old George Michael song that I never fully appreciated. Praying for Time. I found it on Youtube and took a moment to listen to some old stuff. Today I read that George Michael died yesterday. To me, he graduated. All the musicians/actors, etc. who gave me at least one great moment through their music and work, also inspired me to imagine a realm where we're all in school, we're all classmates, and we all take turns in different roles, no matter what our time on Earth looks like.

This got me thinking, we know why it hurts when a loved one passes, but when someone passes that you, apparently, had no relationship with, and it makes you think and feel for them, your spirit DID have a relationship with them. Your spirit did love them. And that's very real. I wasn't a huge fan, but dang if I don't feel shaken every time someone who made me care in a personal way, even a little bit, exits this world. It makes me realize that love really does connect everyone and the spirit recognizes God's value of everyone, whether we ever spoke to that person or not. Many blessings to George Michael.

The song below (to me) is the cry of humanity to God, crying the way an uncomprehending child cries to an adult. Only love and time will help the child to understand, not judgement or punishment