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Revisiting Harry Potter, Thank you J.K. Rowling

It's been years since I last celebrated the HP epic with a post. Mixed feelings and inconsiderate remarks on my part left my journal in ruins. Emotions ran high back then! How silly now, but also great that fiction like Harry Potter can inspire people to passionate feelings. Thank you again, J K Rowling, for all your work.
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I watched all the movies back to back recently, and awakened a new appreciation for the journey. It really is a feast for the mind, for those of us with a taste for special, extraordinary boys. Snape was my second favorite character and only made Harry's scenes stronger. Feared having my heart broke at seeing him die again (could only watch that last movie once, was so wrong!) But on second viewing, with the cushion of years between the two, I was able to focus on the beauty of his role finally being revealed to Harry. That uplifted me a lot. I was too hurt to really appreciate it the first time. Noticed plot details this time that I didn't remember from the books. It was satisfying to see Malfoy's character allowed to return to a more substancial performance. Tom Felton showed considerably more talent than all the other child actors in the beginning, in spite of having a smaller role. Glad we had to take him seriously in the end. Love seeing him pop up in movies. And of course, it was wild seeing Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint grow as actors the way they all did. Their transformations are beautiful.

All of it was a better experience than the one I let myself have years ago. Except the ending, the last 15 minute summary of their lives, that's still too painful to let play out. Would love to see a resurgence of Harry as a young man and childless (because he's the special one. It's all about him.) and the subject of his sexuality going unconfirmed, just to keep the mystery open-ended. I had a great time revisiting JK Rowling's world.
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