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Coffee and Books

A Few of My Favorite Things

1 December 1969
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2018 Updates:

Title: Masterpiece - Severus (Harry Potter slash)
Silent Severus is the ultimate shiny black box that Sirius and James cannot resist opening. He's too strange. He's too different. When they plan the worst prank they can imagine, they pay a price for opening a veritable Pandora's Box.

Title: Unbearable - Draco (Harry Potter slash fic)
Summary: An indecent request sends Lucius Malfoy on a plight to help his son. Draco, forced to undergo temporary changes to his body, returns to Hogwarts under the curious refuge of Dumbledore and Severus Snape. When Harry Potter discovers Draco's secret, the school year unravels for everyone involved.


Visit sonnypreyer.com

He was born to keep a promise.
Not even death will let him break it.

The love and power of this story is woven amid darkness and tragedy. It is a modern mythology in which male and female power is given to one individual. It is a puzzle, for how do you hide the most powerful being on Earth from the eyes of a confused and destructive humanity? It is an illusion, you disguise him as one more helpless victim. Then you watch as his strength grows to a light that shatters its own disguise for the entire world to see. Read Introduction

About me:

I express my opinions and tastes here and talk about my writing. I'm not looking to offend anyone, but I warn you that might happen. I come across as overly critical and argumentative when I just think I'm being engaging and delightful. Oh, and I like it when men are attracted to each other too. If you don't mind me, I don't mind your reading. If you must comment, be nice. If you must criticize, make an effort to do so without being hateful or ugly. Friends welcomed. Haters will be deleted from my world. If I've said something hurtful, just explain it to me instead of being bitchy. Not that that's ever happened before. Now, lets take our coffee onto the balcony and talk books.

Gay Men for Straight Women

Because masculinity can be complex, beautiful, and intensely dangerous in an imaginary way. Sadly, for some women, bookstore shelves are lacking in these things. Straight, gun-wielding womanizers who have it all under control, just aren't my style. I require a character I can be truly concerned for and respect. James Bond can take care of himself, he doesn't need me cheering him on.



A priest is the object of unholy desire.

Sonny Preyer - A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind

(saga, complete)
A young man is hunted by a supernatural force that won't stop till it gets what it wants.


Ender's Home (Ender's Game)

Seventeen year-old Ender is sent home after Commander School, and after his promotion to Admiral. Valentine and Peter are starting families of their own and Ender wonders where he fits in.

Looking for Casey (The Faculty)

Zeke and Casey adjust to change.

Angelic Assasin(LOTR) (short drabble)
The face of death haunts one of the Peredhil twins.

A Father's Love(LOTR)(completed story)
A wise father is baffled by the taboo relationship between his warrior sons.

His Return (LOTR) (completed story)A future king, Ellessar, is too young to get what he wants. But he tries anyway.

Waiting For You (LOTR)(short drabble)
The eternal spirit of Frodo has waited.

RPS (Real Person Slash)

*seriously not intended to cause offense or harm.

One More Second (short drabble)
Viggo and Elijah don't mix.

Discovered slash many moons ago. This is irrefutable proof, there is a God.

A friendly word of warning: I read and write stories that stray from the lit paths of fan-fiction. My characters are often angst-ridden, and walk down unsafe passages. I go where the pain is, and I try to make it convincing because nothing else convinces my heart and imagination. But I also try to show great beauty and love amid the drama of dark storms. NOT romantic love, but love of a kind. If it turns romantic, just know that I didn't plan it that way. Nothing against romance. Romance is great when it rolls up its sleeves and fights (decides to be dynamic), but when people are just saying 'I love you' and exchanging fluids, that's incredibly boring.

I am inspired by extraordinary beauty, be it in the form of a character in a book, in a song, or in a movie. I tend to be a quiet loner, and not very social. But over time, I can establish an intense rapport. Time and trust are important to me. And that's a little about who I am.

On Friending I usually Friend back, but let me know why you're interested.


A Father's Love

(Slash Fan-Fiction)

This story is a MATURE-THEMED, Elven one, focussing on Elrond of the Lord of the Rings, and his quiet mastery. Enjoy.

This story is not meant to disrespect or cause offense to anyone, I make no money from this, I simply don't want Tolkien's great stories and characters to ever end.

A Father's Love(Complete)
Read by Parts:
Part One: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ca_tharsis_/1540.html#cutid1
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


These are my favorite slash writers:
Rainchilde, (Power in a bottle) But I can't find her. Am fearing for the worst.
Vshendria (Endurance. Strength. Credibility) Check out her Borderlines series.
Jasta Elf (Darkest beauty I’ve ever seen) Dark Leaf, the rated R version. Read it!!
Tricia (I think she's a one-woman club all her own. I do have some criticism, but only because she seems so damn capable!) Find her Juxtapose Fantantasy treasure.
Shaenie (hot hot hot!) But with a difference. Her characters have souls. Haven't seen anyone top her steamy scenes yet.