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Sonny Preyer FREE on Kindle for 5 days

Posted on 2013.02.02 at 19:58

Sonny Preyer Vol. 1, is going free on Amazon's Kindle for the next 5 days, starting Feb. 3rd. And one free copy of any volume of Sonny Preyer that any reader wants, will be given in exchange for leaving a review on Sonny's Kindle page. This is for a limited time period. So please tell your friends and stop by to leave a review yourself. Liz, I was sure to give you credit for editing. :-)



moth2fic at 2013-02-03 10:35 (UTC) (Link/)
Needless to say, I downloaded it straight away, in order to have the final version on my Kindle! I hope it does well.

I don't know whether you saw my announcement that I have also self published on both Smashwords and Amazon Kindle - my pen name is Jay Mountney. I tried the free giveaway on Smashwords but although that got lot of downloads it didn't translate into many reviews or later sales. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

Obviously I can't leave a review, because I appear as the editor, but I hope people do review it and enjoy it.
ca_tharsis_ at 2013-02-03 14:44 (UTC) (Link/)
Hi, I saw your name as a contributor to another book on Amazon, so I knew you were progressing nicely, but I didn't know the details. Congrats! I've held out with Sonny for so long because I thought it would affect my publishing rights, but then I just caved. If you're fine with being listed as an editor, I'll leave it. Good luck to you!!

OH! If you would like printed book versions, I can now send them to you. Free, of course. Just let me know.


moth2fic at 2013-02-03 15:05 (UTC) (Link/)
I'd love that! I told my daughter (who also writes and edits) about your book and would love to be able to lend it to her. I seem to remember telling her about your website version but she is usually happier with printed books and I don't think she ever looked online.

You're welcome to leave my name there, but I think I should probably say that it's more usual to put the bit about who edited the book in some of the 'front matter' rather than as part of the title etc. That's where you should be keeping the limelight all for yourself!

If you self publish with either Smashwords or Amazon, you retain all rights because you are effectively the publisher - they're just publishing platforms. And as you were already 'published' on your website, you couldn't have sold 'first rights' to any other publisher. I think you've done the right thing - mainstream publishing is changing rapidly and it is so much a matter of luck for a new writer to break in to the ever decreasing circle. Besides, by self-publishing you retain control over things like editing and cover illustrations. I assume you did your own formatting? I did, and while it was hard work I now understand the system and feel confident about future attempts.
moth2fic at 2013-02-03 15:06 (UTC) (Link/)
P.S. Don't be in a hurry to send anything because we're about to go out to Portugal for a month or so and parcels could go astray.
ca_tharsis_ at 2013-02-03 16:10 (UTC) (Link/)
Got it. Will send in one month. :-)
Jaiden S
jaiden_s at 2013-02-03 18:59 (UTC) (Link/)
Great! I'll download it and leave a review once I am done. I liked the parts of it that I read before, when you shared them here.
ca_tharsis_ at 2013-02-03 19:12 (UTC) (Link/)
Hi Jaiden,
Coolness. Thanks for the support!
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