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Dastas is an entity who consumes human sentience. To him, a child’s laughter is like candy. But a child’s tears, more valuable, is as intoxicating as wine. He will never stop hunting Sonny, who is a living conduit of life. Never stop wanting him.

Dastas is an entity who was never born, and so cannot die. He too shares a valid stake in the Promise, but one taken by force.

Inhuman, he committed an unforgivable crime that tainted the bloodline of the Promise long ago. It has taken a thousand years for that bloodline to recover, producing the needed Illumenae. Sonny .

While Sonny knows nothing of the ancient past, his blood remembers the crime committed against it. It remembers Dastas, and knows that the battle is not over.

Dastas waits for memory to awaken within Sonny, for the young man has something he wants. Something he tried to take long ago, and will try to take again.

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