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Amber and Dom Preyer each thought they knew what they were getting into when they joined the Order. It was a closed society, practicing a strict regimen of self-awareness and mental control. She was running from an abusive mother, and he from a crippling illness. The Order took them in, and showed them how to heal their lives and their hurts. Finally, spiritually was real to them again, but with a whole new meaning.

The Order brought them together, and they devoted themselves to their spiritual advancement. The day came when they were called upon to give a special service to the Order. They were asked to be surrogate parents for a higher Energy Essence; an intelligent presence ready to come into the world; a child that would belong to the Order. Young and thankful, they agreed.

The Order warned them about the child, what its needs would be, and how to care for it. But on the day of Sonny’s birth, they took one look at him, and began to plot their escape with him. He was beautiful. He belonged to them. Everything in their lives, until that moment, had been false. Sonny was the only true thing that mattered.

They struggled in their raising of him, leaving their families and pasts behind, in hopes of never being found by the Order. Starting fresh in a new town, they thought they had gotten away with it. Only Sonny’s peculiar medical issues hinted otherwise.

At eighteen, their son has no idea that he was never meant to belong to them. That he belongs somewhere else. His mind is sharp, he has made them proud. But his health is failing, his body betraying him, and he looks to Amber and Dom for answers that they cannot give. Or won’t.

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