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Cale waits for Sonny.

He is a servant in the castle, and remembers what it was like before Dastas struck. He and Sonny were close friends, sharing an innocent love of nature and stories, and of one another.

But for five years, Cale has tended the garden where Sonny’s sleeping body is openly entombed. The body sleeps under a spell that keeps it alive, until it is safe for him to awaken. The arrangement is only temporary, for Cale knows that his friend, ‘Sy’, will one day return to him. One day, those closed eyes will open.

During the day, Cale polishes the crystal encasement protecting the body. He keeps it clear of debris and unmolested. At night, when no one is watching, he whispers his thoughts to the motionless figure within, begging for Sonny's return.

Sonny does return. But he has no memory of Cale, and wants nothing to do with him.

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