ca_tharsis_ (ca_tharsis_) wrote,

Sonny Preyer

Some children come into the world in unexpected ways. Sonny Preyer was one of those children. Born with a rare medical condition, he is irrefutably male. And yet more.

His parents raised him without “corrective” surgery, knowing he is perfect the way he is. But Sonny grows to feel that he doesn't belong in this world. He's right.

When his high school counselor reaches out to him, the result changes his life, but not for the better. His days becomes suspect, thrusting unwanted attention upon him. Strange events escalate until Sonny is forced to run for his life. Only to lose it.

But instead of death, he finds an even more complex reality. One with magic, ancient races of people, and a very old enemy. Also, one that teaches him his body was never meant for his old world, but for a different one. And here, those differences he’s always been ashamed of, mark him as a very important, and valuable, person.

Before he can return to the home he knew, he will have to accept what he is. But accepting what he is, means that he may never come home...

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