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Dr. Ronald Shore, the school counselor, is new to Silver Springs High.
He is also new to the modern world.

Intense mental training and discipline, has enabled him to assume the identity and credentials of a professional counselor, for one purpose only: to get closer to the Illumenae, Sonny Preyer.

Shore’s true name and identity is Theandor Trontist of Ajjor, heir to a suffering kingdom, which lies outside of the Realm, unprotected by the Promise. But until he returns to his own land, he answers only to the name of Raeder, unwilling to speak of his home, or of his dying father, until he has found a way to save it. Sages have prophesized that the salvation of his hungry and war-weary people, lies within the Realm, in the hidden power of Sonny.

As Raeder, Shore’s difficult task is to break the seal that binds Sonny to his existence in the modern world. This is a violent task, and one that earns him Sonny’s eternal hatred. But once the seal is broken, the two are bound to one another in a way that neither wants to accept. For Raeder, the desire to protect Sonny, to gain forgiveness and acceptance, becomes all-consuming. Twenty years older than the boy, Raeder confines his growing desire to silence, and to the service of Sonny’s guard.

However much Sonny despises him, before it is over, Sonny will need him. And Raeder will be there to take his rightful place.

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Yeah... I just love this character. Can't wait to follow his journey alongside Sonny!


The mustache will go. The queen hath spoken. *bows*

I know that I've said that I love Shore/Raeder, but let me say it again: I LURVE RAEDER!!!

Simple as that. He is, you might say, the shizznit.

Then you'll be happy to know that a "quick" recovery is on the way! Raeder isn't done with Sonny yet. Far from it.


And thanks!
Yep, I AM glad to hear that. I think that I might read the story over again. The beginning was a little fuzzy when I read it (I thought that Sonny was in college at the beginning...or WAS he? See?!), so now I want to get everything in order in my head before you update. I tend to get facts a little mixed up after a while because I'm ditzy like that.

Can't wait for you to update!!!