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Posted on 2005.02.26 at 18:20

Behind his serene beauty, Elden is a proud warrior. One who lives to serve the Illumenae, if only Sonny will allow him to do his job. A Vespra prince, Elden is not human, but a cross between the Apreon and Human races. This distinction grants him alone, the ability to tend to Sonny’s needs in intimate ways.

He is Sonny’s Ardor. His primary responsibility is to draw the charged energy of Sonny’s illness, called Nectus Fever, away from him. All Illumenae suffer the Nectus Fever, which is a characteristic of late, adolescent puberty. The illness is deadly, if not cared for. But Sonny, a prisoner of shame where his physical needs are concerned, insists on keeping considerable distance between himself and Elden.

This drawing out of the Nectus fluid, can usually only be done with an Ardor’s help. The Ardor prompts the Illumenae to release this fluid from a salivary gland beneath the Illumenae’s tongue. This requires mouth to mouth contact. The Nectus is a pink-tinged, translucent liquid, and is toxin to the Illumenae himself, whose body produces it in excess. But it is an elixir of pleasure and power to the one who can endure its concentration of liquid Anora (light-energy).

In the modern world, Elden is posing as Brecca’s cousin. This is a matter of convenience for their joint purposes; to befriend Sonny, gain his trust, and prepare him for his return to the Realm.

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