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Posted on 2005.02.26 at 18:19

Brecca is one of the elite Yoray, an order of healers and priests whose status is made distinct by their flowing blue robes. As long as there have been Illumenae, there have been Yoray to help care for them. The Yoray serve as psychic buffers to the emotional sensitivity of the Illumenae. Only they can communicate with the inner song that connects the Illumenae to all life around him. Only they can calm his overflowing sentience, with songs and chants of their own.
The Illumenae needs them as child needs loving discipline and comfort.

Brecca is posing as a high school senior when she asserts herself into Sonny’s life. She has the appearance of a young girl, but her soul is far older and wiser than she is allowed to reveal.

Brecca appears because Sonny is in need of a friend. He is drawn to trust her in spite of himself, though he doesn’t know why. He doesn’t know the specific role she will play in guiding his growing abilities. He only knows that she makes him feel better. Her presence alone is source of soothing comfort, a reprieve from an illness he does not understand.

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