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Dr. Sanders

Dr. Sanders is a professional man, of uncommon ability and dedicated purpose. He is dedicated to Sonny, over whom he has established primary guardianship. But the boy’s parents, Amber and Dom Preyer, do not know this. Sanders is content to keep this secret, for the time being. He has lots of secrets. And they are all quite purposeful. Another is that his real name is Varce.

Varce was there, the day that Sonny fell by Dastas’ curse. It was his quick thinking and enginuity that stopped the process of death, granting the boy five years of grace in slumber. Five years in which age and time would not lay a hand on him, but provide the wizard with a way to save and awaken him when the time came. It was a way to save the Promise. To Varce's methodical reasoning, Amber and Dom, Sonny's parents, were the solution.

For every one year that passed in the Realm where Sonny's body lay asleep, three years and six months passed on the Earth plane inhabited by Sonny and his surrogate parents. At the age of eighteen, it is time for him to return to his people. It is Varce’s job to make certain that he returns, or the Promise is broken forever.

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