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The Promise

The Promise

The Promise is two-fold. It will protect the people, as long as the people protect it, embodied in the Illumenae himself.

The Promise is a blood covenant that binds the people to their word, and uses their very own genetics to create a vessel for light-energy referred to as Anora.

The Promise says: Hold this vessel of light in your love, and it will renew your lands, protect your borders, and keep sickness and harm from your doors. Love this vessel, for its life burns to serve yours and its time among you is short. Protect this vessel by your oaths, by your deeds, and by your lives, for it replenishes your own.

Protect this vessel and it will reward you, gracing your children with life’s bounty. That is its promise to you, the people to whom it is entrusted. Fail to perform your duties, fail to mix the blood, or fail the child born to you, and your world shall reenter the darkness, the war, famine, disease and misery that you have sought protection against.

Keep your promise to the one who carries the Anora, and he will keep his promise to you.

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