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The word ‘Illumenae’ in this story is both singular and plural. It is the name given to individuals born into the last phase of what is called the Lumen Cycle.

An Illumenae is born once every cycle (once per 150 years), only if the Seven Families of the Promise have followed strict breeding rules (outlined below), and only if the previous living Illumenae is able to survive into viable adulthood and passes on an heir.

This is not easy, as taking care of an Illumenae is a difficult job. The inhuman power he carries compromises his health, straining his human limitations. He lives a relatively short life. But as long as the Lumen Cycle is active, his potential lives within the bloodline of his people, and his power keeps their world in a thriving, continually renewing state.

The Illumenae usually chooses to mate with an individual outside of the Seven Families, thereby supplying fresh genetics into the Lumen Cycle, but also retaining the essential blood recipe for propagating the power of their ancestral Promise

In the instance of Sonny, it has been a thousand years since any Illumenae appeared in the world before him. This is because “his people” failed in their Promise to protect the last living Illumenae, who was named Faun. The Promise was damaged and it took a thousand years to recover, finally producing a boy named Sy. You know him as Sonny in the modern world.

Below is a brief outline of the Lumen Cycle. You do not need to read any further, unless you're just curious. More power to you. Return to Introduction

Bloodline Promise, and Lumen Cycle

The Seven Nations (comprising The Realm). These nations banded together and sought help during a time when their people were oppressed by inhuman entities known as the Apreon. The answer to their freedom was given in the form of divine energy, and instructions on how to use it, so that such power could not be perverted, monopolized, or abused. The power, called Anora, existed in the form of Light-Energy and was to be “placed” within the body and soul of a person who could not wield it to selfish purpose.

No such person was alive who could “carry” the light of Anora. Human DNA, by itself was not strong enough. So it had to be reinforced by re-working the Double Helix, and adapting the Light to the personal needs of the people. This was done by appointing marriages and crossing genetic strengths and weakness until the first Illumenae was created.


Members were appoint from each nation, to weave the bloodline that would ultimately “Promise” peace to all who worked to uphold it.

Sinseer ----Every seventh generation male
Perpu ------ Every seventh generation female = produces a female child

*That female offspring mates with Moran male, producing a male child.
That male offspring mates with a female Indeca, producing a female child.
That female offspring mates with a male Trontist, producing a male child.
That male offspring mates with a female Rackmir, producing a female child.
That female offspring mates with a male Seffinon, producing a male child.
This last male mates with a Sinseer female, to produce an Illumenae. The Illumenae is free to mate with anyone, but a suitable person is usually chosen for them. The resulting child must then mate with a Perpu to continue the cycle.

*There is, roughly, a twenty-year interval between each birth in the Lumen Cycle, which takes an average of 150 years to fully complete. This is seven generations to the Sinseer and Perpu families.


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