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Elrond altered2

He's Still the Man of My Life: Sonny Preyer

Posted on 2018.06.12 at 18:08
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
2018!!  It's been years and years, and I'm still in love with this guy.

I suggest that you read through the introduction before following the links below. The links are there for added information, but are not vital, since everything will unfold in the story. (The links contain definite SPOILERS). Header and Warning found here. Enjoy.
Original date (?) May 12, 2006.


He was born to keep a promise.

Not even death will let him break it.

Sonny Preyer

A Fairy Tale

of a different Kind

Copyright 2002 Bridgette H.



Sonny is an Illumenae.

Only one can walk the Earth at a time.

The Illumenae came about because some wise souls believed that those who cherish peace should not have to suffer those who relish war. They are individuals bred for one purpose, to renew the Promise that gives peace to the people of the The Realm. It is a genetic Promise, kept through propagation. And Sonny Preyer does not yet know that he is one of them.

Sonny is an instrument of power. He cannot defend himself, for deliberately harming another goes against his own life-giving energy. But harm finds those who provoke him, who threaten him, for his own power is confined within an infallible human adolescence, and has ways of escaping him.

Sonny is a brilliant, if troubled, student at Silver Springs High. Stigmatized by his fragile health, and medical secrets, his only consolation among his peers is a singing voice that makes even his bullies stop and listen.

The people in Sonny’s life are not who they seem to be:
Dr. Sanders, a prudent physician, has taken a special interest in him since birth, and limits his home practice to Sonny's needs alone. His school friend Brecca, and her cousin Elden, appear to have a sudden and inexplicable need for Sonny’s companionship. Shore, the new school counselor, says very little to Sonny, but is careful to watch his every move. Cale is the friend Sonny cannot remember having. And even Sonny’s parents, Amber and Dom Preyer, haven’t been entirely honest with their son.

His dreams of going to college come to an end when he is violently recalled to a world he once knew. The Realm is a green and abundant land, long forgotten within the vaults of his soul's memory. It is a world of castles, of sorcery, and of deadly magic. Here, every stranger knows the intimate secret Sonny takes great pains to keep hidden, and either loves him or despises him for it. Here, warriors vow to protect him from an enemy whose desire for him is as powerful as Sonny himself.

It is up to Sonny to find his way home from this place, where so much is expected of him. But first he has to face the one entity who stands in his way. Dastas.

Chapter One:
Part one
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Friends can find Sonny here. Thanks

Go to sonnypreyer.com

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anoriell at 2006-06-10 00:03 (UTC) (Link/)
Good lord Brie! You are so thorough! After only the introduction (and all its explanatory links), I am hooked! Make that hooked, reeled in, gutted and resting on a plate, waiting to be served... though not as a dish. Instead, *I* am waiting to be served an exquisite dish that I know will be this tale!

Well done! I simply cannot wait to dive in! You got me completely engrossed. Who wouldn't want to read further!

Off I go... :o)


ca_tharsis_ at 2006-06-11 15:06 (UTC) (Link/)
What a nice, long phone conversation last night! Such fun.

I can only hope that the tale lives up to all that expectation. Even if it doesn't, I am encouraged by your words to make it one hell of a journey. It means a lot to me that you're allowing this character to get inside, to a place that's normally reserved for Elrohir, or perhaps Hadrian. Room inside of a reader's imagination, is what I've wanted all along.

Thank you so much for giving it a chance.


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