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Exhibit A, this photo is presented as evidence by Detective Ryan Kramer. It is presented as proof that Harry Potter did in fact know his stalker two years prior to the home invasion. Many more like this show Mr. Potter turning towards Mr. Cormac McLaggen's camera and deliberately initiating eye contact, which the defendant calls, 'baiting and teasing'.

"Harry knew I was taking pictures of him. As long as I stayed out of his way, it was cool. He let me. It became a thing. Over the course of two years, I felt more and more privileged and invited into his life. You can't tell it, but he was posing for me. It became our thing. I played a role for him. We both pretended that it was dangerous and exciting."

The defendants statement is supported by photos of the two of them at social functions, appearing on friendly terms.

"It was only when he stopped speaking to me, that I took pictures to get his attention. To rekindle what we had. For two years, I was his secret. I wanted it to be open. When he shut me out, I lost it. I didn't know how to handle that kind of rejection. He was this huge, adored person and nobody remembered me. I wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt me. So, on that night, I stopped playing a role and became the real thing. I broke in, and I got my revenge. What's the difference between being paid to do it, and doing it on my own? He knew me and that's all he wanted from me. He just didn't think he'd lose control of the situation."


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