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Ease, the Myth of Hard Work, PART 2

Posted on 2015.06.14 at 11:13
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Some of us try too hard to get what we want, and that's a sure indication that we fear we will not get what we want. That fear is just as active and influencing in our lives as the inspiration that we also feel. We forget that a cell knows how to divide and become a human being. A seed knows how to become a great Oak Tree. And a heart knows how to beat without instruction from our so-called superior intellect. A trillion calculations go on inside our bodies, just so that we can walk from one side of the room to the other. So it is, everything knows it's own order.

Our tiniest thought knows and lives to express exactly as we thought it. A love of the color red, doesn't have to work to make sure you get red. You never had to earn the thrill that it gives you. You simply gravitate to it because the idea and feeling is expressing through you. An idea, a feeling, contains its own blueprint for unfolding in reality. Your job is to play with it and nurture it, if you choose it. In other words, enjoy it, whether you see it in physical reality yet, or not. It's in your mind to engage you. If you believe that you must work for it, you are placing the program for work in your mind and putting distance between yourself and the thing that makes you happy. Next thing you know, you feel frustrated and blocked.

Do you know what an emotional block is? It's an "invisible belief" about reality that we take for granted as unshakable, so we don't even attempt to question it. We don't know how to question it. We feel imprisoned by it. Such beliefs are as convincing to us as a blue sky, so it doesn't occur to us that it's only a camouflage of our learned perception. But the effect is every bit as real as having a solid wall between us and what we want, with no way for physical hands to tear it down, because it is an emotional wall, created by the power of our thinking, for better or worse. Only the ability to question our ideas and reality, reveals the illusion.

For instance, the minute we want something, most of us goal-oriented people, ask ourselves, 'how can I make this happen'? We start to strategize and order our lives according to plans that anticipate hard work and struggle. And the second we do, the very intent and energy that rises to the challenge, splits and tries to fulfill two beliefs implied by that question, not just one:

1. I can have this.
2. But this is going to be so difficult that I must figure out a way to make it happen. Obviously, it won't happen on its own.

This happens in our minds too quickly for us to really notice that it occurred, or what that means. Or we do notice it and assume that that's how reality works.

This assumption is our blue sky keeping us from questioning true reality. If something has ever worked differently for anyone else, then that blue sky isn't unshakable, isn't insurmountable. When conditions are right, a blue sky can be something else entirely. Reality changes for perceptions that allow it. The minute you ask, 'how can I make this happen,' you set up strife with your natural ability to create. Like the color red, the love of red, the idea is programmed to fulfill itself. The minute you ask, 'how can I make this happen,' you set up strife with your natural ability to create by assuming that it can't possibly happen unless you force it. It requires nurture (focus and attention), not force.

Let's go back to that question. 'How can I make this happen'? It's loaded with assumptions that do not support goal attainment. Whether you say it out loud or just have a feeling, that is the movement of your mind. It's following instructions from your feelings, whether you realize you're instructing yourself or not. It's a rapid process, but if we slow the process down, we see that our emotional convictions have instructed our resources (mental, physical, and spiritual) to flow in opposing and conflicting directions.

1. "I can have this." This idea and feeling moves towards what we desire, and takes us with it.
2. "But it's so hard, there's so much in my way, this is what I have to do…" This idea moves away from what we desire. This is your perception putting obstacles in your way. Put 1 and 2 together as movement, going in opposite directions, and they actually clash head to head (or create an inner rift, depending on your emotional polarity ). This clash between will and idea, is the emotional block that we all create. We don't see it, we don't even have to ever speak it, we simply feel it into being. This is otherwise known as being stuck.

We get a lot of support for being stuck, from society, a lot of enabling from people who know no other reality, so they do not question what reality can be. We're told to accept nothing but hard work and earning our way. 'Life is supposed to be tough,' is the consensus among hard working people. It's certainly your reality if that's all that you can perceive. The trick is perception, especially self-perception.

We often wonder, how do we get in our own way? This is how. By simply not trusting our inner-self, and allowing outer "evidence" to make us unsure, worried, and scared enough to make desperate choices. Hard work becomes a cover up for fear as we push to force things to happen, because we don't really feel they will on their own. This ill-at-ease tension that we learn to live with, is the real source of health issues. It goes deeper than a headache or an ulcer. Living ill-at-ease is a feeling. Feelings (caused by strong ideas and beliefs) react with time and space to become events. The idea of 'red' becomes that awesome new car. The idea of feeling stuck becomes that illness. All ideas contain their own blueprints for unfolding. And they will unfold in the manner that a person uses them.

Feelings stem from ideas about reality, right or wrong, happy or unhappy, and they react with time and space to become events in a person's life. If we hurt ourselves by accident, we can also heal ourselves by that same power. And yes, this is where God lives to me, for those who need evidence. The power of Creation (God) lives in our ability to create what we imagine, what we need, what we want, and even what we fear. If we can perform these daily miracles, what else have we been given the power to do?


moth2fic at 2015-06-14 18:31 (UTC) (Link/)
I'm not sure what to say. You're right, of course, but I never feel like that. (Not even about 'red'.) I have things I desperately need or want to write about, and other things that get in the way - usually the everyday needs of family or friends. I could be selfish and lock myself in an ivory tower and write, but then I wouldn't be the person I am and my inspirations would be very different. So - writer's block? No, never. Impediments to writing? Yes, many, mostly (but not all) outside my control. I confess to a tendency to procrastinate at times - especially when I'm tired. And a fear, not of writing, but of the mechanics of publishing. Mostly that's a hatred of formatting and I am trying to overcome it. Partly, it's a lack of marketing skills and a feeling that to market properly would take so much time away from my limited writing time that it would defeat the object.
ca_tharsis_ at 2015-06-14 20:04 (UTC) (Link/)
That's okay, I don't expect everyone to feel this way. And I'm only generalizing about the color red to bridge the connectin between a feeling and an outcome. This article is still talking to people who are control-oriented, hard working, and wonder why things aren't progressing in spite of their best efforts. That's not limited to writing, but certainly encompasses it. If you can't relate, you're a very blessed and fortunate person to not have this problem.
moth2fic at 2015-06-14 20:21 (UTC) (Link/)
Yes, I suppose I am - but it's so much a part of what I am that it's hard to envisage being anything else! My own favourite colour - the one that dazzles me - is purple, but my new car is white (just saying...).I have never been control-oriented - which is not always such a good thing, but I seem to have survived!
(Anonymous) at 2015-06-15 00:10 (UTC) (Link/)
The color thing isn't meant to be literal. Your car doesn't have to be your favorite color, but if that color dazzles you, I'm sure your feelings have caused you to have purple things in other forms. I'm simply encouraging people to trust their feelings to smoothly bring them what they want instead of fighting so hard and aggressively to get what they want. This is a huge struggle for many in the US. There's nothing you should change if you're happy with yourself and your life.
moth2fic at 2015-06-15 09:04 (UTC) (Link/)
Not sure if it's me, UK, or Europe, but I don't know too many people who fight hard or aggressively for anything. It might just be my social circle.
As for my life, there are things I would change if I could, but they are things outside my control or other people's so I just ignore them!
ca_tharsis_ at 2015-06-15 10:53 (UTC) (Link/)
That's OK. We live in very different worlds.
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