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My names Sabrina, and I never update my livejournal.

So It was my birthday on the 14th and now im a rich shitface. I like to play computer games and watch movies all the time. Animal planet is my fav. I expetionly like the kangaroos; They usually light my candles but they have there moments where they are just not doing anything for me. So you know what i do, i change the channel.

So ive decided im spending no money on Shannen, Because shes a piece of shit. I have to stay at her house tomorrow and her house is such white trash. But sence im use to it im happy none the less. I like Shannen alot. She likes Alligators and looks like one in a picture. But its ok because Alligators need some love too.

The rain has been so nice, I like running in it. And i like alot of things.

im a big fan of  18v! Represent' And im sick of writing every song about you.



My life sucks my friends came by and i didint get to see them because im sick and i didint get to go to the my chhemical romance show and the people i was going to go with got to hang put with them for an hour...
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