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It's not the demon inside of me that needs to be killed . . . it's the man. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Nthelater [18 Jul 2004|08:46pm]
The worst day ended with the perfect night. The antidote was given to Cordelia and she was able to drink it without getting it mixed in with the alcohol from the party she was having with Spike and Wesley. And honestly, I was beginning to blame myself for that event. I had treated her like a child when she's obviously a grown woman who can make her own choices. I am just glad she's better. And I just know that if I ever set eyes on Eve again that she's going to resemble nothing like what she used too after I get myself alone with her. Lilah had a warning, Eve won't be that lucky.

The night was resolved with Cordy taking a cleansing shower to get the scent of beer off of her and to make her headache go away. It had given me enough time to change into my clothes before she came into my room and we talked about what had happened and what was going to happen with the new living arrangments once Spike moved in. There was also a few sweeter moments and it all settled with her falling asleep in my arms. It felt nice. I could get used to it. And Spike had one positive affect when it came to moving in. I would be sharing a room with Cordelia and wouldn't have to make up an excuse every time just to wrap my arms around her during the night.

I had awoken before her. Slipped myself out from bed with a nagging feeling of wanting to stay with her till she woke up. I went against that feeling. I had a few things to do before she wakes up and I wanted to give all of my attention to her until later on in the afternoon when I would have to back to Wolfram & Hart. I had left a message on Willow's cellphone to contact me when she had a chance and also managed to get enough time to make orange juice and breakfast for Cordy. I fixed her plate and put it on the bar in the kitchen. It was a little dark in there due to the curtains but I'm sure she would understand why I couldn't open them. I was pouring her a glass of orange when I heard my bedroom door open and hurried to get everything just perfect for when she would arrive in the kitchen.
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Slayer_seasons [13 Jul 2004|08:46pm]
The night seemed beautiful in Sunnydale. The temperature wasn't as hot as it was in Los Angeles and the scenery was much better for a place that stood as home for a hellmouth. The memories had quickly come rushing back as a thrill twisted in pain. It seemed like everywhere I looked I could still imagine Buffy and I walking together after a long night of patrolling. I can still remember the feel of her flesh against mine, and the embracing taste of her kiss. And it only hurt inside knowing I wouldn't be experiencing neither during Cordy and I's trip here.

Cordelia had mentioned avoiding Xander while they were here. A part me felt as if I had pushed her into the idea of not seeing him. But it was a surprising relief to know that she wouldn't be near the boy. Although, she should see him. It was going to be hard for her not to see him while they were here helping Buffy. I just hope it wouldn't be as hard for her as it will be for me to see Buffy again. It was going to be hard enough as it is trying to explain their appearance in Sunnydale when they should be in Los Angeles. Even when I had the choice to call her before arriving and didn't.

" You'll see him either you want to or not Cordelia. He'll be around Buffy."

I glanced over toward the brunette as we walked by a department store building that's glass window held her reflection but neglected my own. I didn't feel comfortable watching her and not being able to see myself in the process. Especially since I still didn't understand why exactly she wanted to be near me. I was a vampire, a creature below her and she was an aspiring actress who's beauty of a california girl was strong enough to grab any guy passing by. She'd be better off without him if it weren't for her visions.

I tore my eyes of her long enough to see the nearest Sunnydale cemetery come up closer within distance. Hopefully Buffy would be there or at the Bronze, their second place to look. If not, they could have better luck tomorrow.
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The_Bronze [25 May 2004|07:17pm]
Faith is a little feisty. It's a good look for her though. She doesn't seem to want to trust Drusilla and I anymore. Her loss. She would have been a rather interesting part of our plans. And to tell the truth, she would not have been a such a bad one to make scream. But if the slayer ever wants a run for her money . . . she knows where I'm at.
Right now, I'm dealing with bigger plans. I decided to bring Drusilla along with me to wait outside Heather's work offices. We could easily go in, but it'd be a better chase outside when you don't have coworkers spinning in your prey's direction every minute they decide to scream. That's why Jenny was so easy. She could run and nothing was there to stop her besides of course, me.

" Do you smell her?"

I came up from behind Dru, placing my hands gently on her hips as I whispered into her ear. I eyed down the building as she smiled and it would only seem minutes till she'd leave her work for the last time and travel to her car.

" She smells beautiful."
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The_Bronze [21 Apr 2004|07:37pm]
Now that wasn't much fun. Before I could even get to Cordelia's, the redhead and watcher were there making a mess of what was clean. De-invitation, that's cheating in a game of cat and mouse. And the mouse is really starving for something to eat. Not that it doesn't matter. I'll have their blood on my hands soon. And they only way they can stop me - is kill me. Which, they could do. But not until I have a little fun.
Speaking of fun, Drusilla's out. Probably looking for a meal since there's no one to care for her anymore. Spike's off doing the slayer and Darla didn't take the right point of the stake. So now I'm playing daddy and I have to take care of the childe.

I watch for a moment, waiting for her to draw closer to where I stand. Once she's in view I come from my place of the shadows, a smirk over my lips before letting a hand stand out in order for her to take it.

" Any luck, Dru?"
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Slayer_Seasons [19 Apr 2004|08:37pm]
I contacted Willow, she's aware of the vision and I gave the idea that we were coming down to make sure Buffy and Dawn were going to be safe. Cordelia's a little miserable from the vision, but we're already on the road so she's going to have to embrace the idea that she's not in the comfort of her home and that she's in the middle of Los Angeles and Sunnydale. We're somewhere along the lines of a few hundred miles from there. But we just started not more than an hour ago. It'll be dark when we get there, so I won't have to worry about the sun since we left as sunset and should be there before sunrise. I hope.
During the whole the drive, I could not help but notice Cordy's attitude was shifting from well, annoying, to tiring. It was probably the pills so took to make her feel better. I placed my eyes on the road but when I looked back, my seer was asleep and would be for a while, again, I hope.

It's nice. The tops down and it's nothing but me, the moon and the wind. I can see everything pass by and it's beautiful. I just wish I could see it in the day without bursting into flames. It'd be nice too. I glanced back to where Cordelia was sleeping and her eyes flickered open as she groaned in aggravation of the disturbance I've caused when I accidentally slow down to a stop to admire the surroundings. I just smiled at her.

" Hey - sleep well?"
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