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tear my heart open and sew my self shut

my weekness is that I care to much...

26 July
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Im the girl, that talks to much at times, ro doesn't talk at all...

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a perfect circle, adding ness to words, adema, anti-flag, bacardi raz, bands, being happy, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, bracelets, breaking benjamin, camo, cats, cd's, chicken soup books, church, clowns, computer, converse, cooking, crank yankers, dance clubs, dancing, death cab for cutie, depression, dogs, dresden dolls, drowning autumn, eating disorders, emery, emo, emo people, family guy, flipping people off, friends, frogs, gj, god, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, hairstyles, hanging out, hard core people, helping people, him, hot topic, insignia, jack off jill, jellie bracelets, jimmy eat world, jumping, knifes, lighters, linkin park, liprings, lj, lol, loners, lustra, making people happy, meeting new people, milk cult, monkeys, movies, msi, music, my spcae, nfg, nightmare before christmas, orgy, papa roach, paperclips, people, photography, piggy tales, poems, pure volume, ramones, razorblade kisses, rings, rollie chairs, safteypins, saliva, scars of life, screaming, sewing, simple plan, smashing pumpkins, someone... :), something corprate, spencers, spikes, sterohype, studs, suicide, sum 41, t&t cafe, t.u.k shoes, taking back sunday, talking, talking on the phone, talking to kick-ass people, teenopendiary, the ataris, the butterfly effect, the calling, the clash, the color black, the color blue, the color pink, the misfits, the smokers, the used, thirteen, turtles, vans, walking, watching fights, wristbands, writing, xanga, yelling at parental units, you...., zone 180.