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21st-Mar-2010 11:55 am - 001.
Hi there! If you've been following me and if you still remember me, you'll notice I cleared all my previous entries since most of the icons weren't showing up anyway.

I'm planning to start anew. :) Hopefully I can update at least once a week. A little rusty, but hopefully I'll get back on track. Enjoy!

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3rd-Dec-2005 08:22 am(no subject)
Welcome to brokenroad__!

This is another icon journal of allhertears. Except this time, it's celebrity-free.

Posts here will contain non-fandom icons. Nature, random stuff, animals, etc. Have a look around and I hope you'll find something you like. ♥

If you're looking for her other icon journal, it can be found at onesunset.
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