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time turned fragile

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Michelle; 24; Orange County, CA; psych major; obsessive; ridiculous shipper; liberal; feminist; bookworm; television; classic movies
10 Things I Hate About You; 30 Rock; Angel; Arrested Development; Avatar: the Last Airbender; Battlestar Galactica; Being Erica; Better Off Ted; Breaking Bad; Buffy; Castle; Chuck; Community; Cougar Town; Dawson's Creek; Dead Like Me; Dexter; Doctor Who; Dollhouse; Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23; Downton Abbey; Elementary; Everwood; Farscape; Felicity; Firefly; Freaks and Geeks; Friday Night Lights; Fringe; Game of Thrones; Gilmore Girls; Glee; The Good Wife; Greek; Green Wing; Grosse Point; Haven; The Hour; How I Met Your Mother; Justified; Legend of the Seeker; Leverage; The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Lost; Luther; Mad Men; The Middleman; Miranda; Misfits; Modern Family; My So-Called Life; New Girl; The O.C.; The Office (US/UK); Parks and Recreation; Party Down; Popular; Pretty Little Liars; Psych; Pushing Daisies; Queer as Folk; Raising Hope; Revenge; Rome; Scandal; Scrubs; Shameless (US); Six Feet Under; Skins (UK); Sons of Anarchy; Sports Night; Suits; Supernatural; Terriers; Torchwood; True Blood; Ugly Betty; The Vampire Diaries; Veronica Mars; The West Wing; The Wire; Wonderfalls;
George Michael/Maeby; Kara/Lee; Gaius/Six; Athena/Helo; Erica/Kai; Veronica/Ted; Booth/Brennan; Chuck/Sarah; Ellie/Devon; Jeff/Annie; Pacey/Joey; Mason/George; Doctor/Rose; Eleven/Amy; Victor/Sierra; Mary/Matthew; Joan/Sherlock; Ephram/Amy; John/Aeryn; Felicity/Ben; Mal/Inara; Simon/Kaylee; Matt/Julie; Eric/Tami; Vince/Jess; Luke/Becky; Lincoln/Olivia; Luke/Lorelai; Rachel/Jesse; Kurt/Blaine; Santana/Brittany; Mike/Tina; Will/Alicia; Kalinda/Cary; Dan/Blair; Casey/Cappie; Mac/Caroline; Nathan/Audrey; Bel/Freddie; Cara/Richard; Lizzie/Darcy; Desmond/Penny; Jin/Sun; Miranda/Gary; Simon/Alisha; Angela/Jordan; Nick/Jess; Ryan/Taylor; Seth/Summer; Jim/Pam; Leslie/Ben; April/Andy; Brooke/Harrison; Michael/Sara; Ned/Chuck; Brian/Justin; Blake/Ted; Sid/Cassie; Chris/Jal; Emily/Naomi; Dan/Casey; Jack/Ianto; Veronica/Logan; Josh/Donna; Jaye/Eric
Feel free to friend me for whatever reason; I always love new friends! You don't need to let me know, but I'll be more likely to friend you if you tell me. Otherwise, if I see you've friended me, I'll add you unless I don't think we have a lot in common or you tYp3 lYk dIs. If I've friended you and not told you about it, it's because I'm shy but really enjoy your posts. So, hi! I don't expect to be friended back if I've friended you (even though you totally can if you want!).

This journal is for my fandom squeeing, real-life stuff, and the occasional picspam.

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