sooo i haven't had an entry in a while and I feel like it tonight lol..
soo, starting from last saturday, i went to the Burnouts in Worcester with Jasmin (who i haven't seen in ages =)), Pete, Jon Rocha, Justin B, Josh, Willfredo, Dube, and Felicia and Nichole who i had just met that night. Me and the Bay Path crew. it was sooooo fun we stayed out until like 1:30 and then i slept at Jasmin's..
Sunday i went home for a few and then Pete and Jasmin picked me up and we went to the chicken barbeque and then saw everyone at the fireworks. it was alright, it gets more boring evvvery year for me at least. after i went to Casey's for a bit then Pete&Jasmin drove me home.
I was in the Cape Monday thru Thursday morning. It was alright.
I got back Thursday and went to Brian's<3 I wish I saw him more often.. i love that kiiiidddd
after I got back I went and slept over Colleen's. i went home and chilled for the rest of the night.
Today I chilled all morning then Callen came and picked me up and we went out for lunch. wataa cutie, that Callen Potvin :) then we went to Tanner Zona's for a while and then he dropped me off. After I went to 4 Corners with my brother, Heather Soderman, and Jay Narva and then met up with Tony Ben and Ryan Wiseman. I love those guys. then me and my brother left for Connecticut.
My dad works nights so we went to my grandmas at like 8:30 and my cousin Danny and his girlfriend were there and we all went to Wallingford Pizza and got buffalo wings.
We then went to this convienience store and the indian guy behind the counter was holding this pack of gum and was telling me and my brother to take a peice and so i reached for it and the motherfucker shocked me lol. and then he asked me to write down somthing and gave me a pen and i hit the clicky part and THAT shocked me. so i told him he was mean and he gave me free gum haha. how sadd/weird is that?
the end. theres a bar fight across the street.. this fat lady is beating(well trying) up her significant other? who knows. peace out

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when in rome ;)

I haven't updated for a while so I guess I will lol..
Summer's been good, I want to get together with people I haven't seen since schoooll so hit me up if you're one of them ;)
I have a bunch of pictures, but I don't really feel like uploading them.
ehh what the hell. here goes.Collapse )

I love you so much Brian, you have noo idea.<33

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