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All of my transfer applications are in, so now all that I have left to do is wait. After I see where I got accepted, I'm going on a major roadtrip. I really want to move out of state.

I'll know in about a month.

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"I don't think I'm going to be having any kids anytime soon." -Some guy at Starbucks. Well, duh.

"She was like, 'yeah, we're doing secret santa,' and I was like, hun, you're Jewish." -Girl at Starbucks.

Drunk guy at a party that was happening across the street from my apartment: You are my boy. No, seriously, you.. are... my... boy. Well, actually, I have two boys, but the other one is my boy from [some college,] and you are my boy from [some other college.] Yeah, you're my boy. I feel like I can tell you everything. [Continues to profess his love to his "boy."]
Other drunk guy: You're my boy too.

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There is a blood drive at the Holiday Inn in Brookline on Monday, December 12 from 1pm - 7pm. I can't give blood (I'm anemic) or platelets (only 105 pounds) so I'm posting here in the hopes that something will donate in my honor.

The Holiday Inn is located directly on the C line.

And hey, free cookies!!

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During Thanksgiving, one of my relatives (by marriage, thank goodness: aunt's husband's sister) set her napkin on fire. Her solution? She starts blowing on it.

My dad (in a whisper to my mother and me: You know, I would have gotten a glass of water to dump on it, but I was having too much fun watching.

This is only semi-related, but funny nonetheless.

My mom: Yeah! You should have seen her husband! Like it or not, Doris was the looker in the family.

I don't remember exactly how the quote went, so this is paraphrased:
Mom: Most Mexicans swear in Spanish.
Me: Most grandmothers swear in Yiddish.

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My sociology prof: 40 years ago, I knew this very unattractive girl. It was around prom and she didn't have a date. So her father, behind her back, paid a guy she knew 200 dollars to take her. Back then, 200 dollars could buy you a car.
Me: Did she ever find out?
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Funny quotes:

Lissa: I feel like kicking a puppy.
Patrick: Or shaking a baby?
Lissa: No, that would be cruel.

[Overheard at a baseball game] Some lady: I wouldn't expect you to be such a big baseball fan, since you're a foreigner and all.

Lissa: Wouldn't it be cool if you could clone two people and mush the DNA together to make one person. Wait, I guess thats kind of like having a baby.


I LOVE autumn.

It is the most beautiful season. It is my favorite by far, and it always has been.

+I love the color orange.
+I love the way the leaves look on the city streets.
+I love the color yellow.
+I love the way autumn air feels- I love the breeze.
+I love the way the trees look.
+I love the fact that the shop windows are decorated with pumpkins and how all the little kids get so exited about halloween and trick or treating and picking out a costume.
+I love the crisp cold.
+I love the fact that I can finally wear my leather jacket.
+I love autumn outfits- brown skirts and shirts.
+I love the fact that our little feild at the top of the street is going to look BEAUTIFUL. The yellow trees against the buildings- amazing.
+I love the fact that despite the fact that I'm 18 I'll probobly still find someone to trick or treat with me, OR
+I love the fact that we'll be able to have a halloween party.

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