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Indulging My Dreams

Doing Things I Enjoy, For Once

Sarah enjoys reading, watching movies, and taking long walks on the....wait, wrong bio. I grew up in rural Northwest Washington, spent 11 years in Bellingham, moved away for a few years to get married, and now I'm back where I belong. I have an MFA in Creative Writing. I have many cats I love very much, and a husband, James, who ranks up there as well. I don't consider myself terribly clever or witty, but people laugh at the stories I tell, so I try to tell a lot of them. I'm learning to refrain from saying the funny thing when it's not entirely true, and along those lines, to be kind to the 8 year old within. I love knitting, I'm learning to spin, and I just acquired a piano, so I can play again. I love my life.