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[04 May 2007|10:35am]
I'm falling a little behind..
I went to the city with the ladies two weeks ago.
plusss we went to the beach.
PICCCSCollapse )
We met a lot of people in the city.
+some were cool.. some were strange.
+some bum tried to have his way with ash
+another creep gave us liquor then invited us to his apartment.
+we went to a bar with ashley's friend.
+We peed in the park and played with sparklers..
+Meg got us friendship ringggss!!!
[which i think my mom took away b/c there's a skull and a snake]
+she got me suspenders! idk when ill wear them. but ill make it work
+i also got this really cool scarf..
+ohhh and we hung out at this realllly ill apartment in SOHO.
+ash stayed for the night
+meg and i couldn't find a subway for shiiit.
+got to my house at around 3/4? lmao
umm.. i can't remember much from 2 weeks ago.
+Meggie slept overrrr =) && we went to the beach with ash and tray.
+We started fires and took motion pics.
+then we got the besssst soft serve at marvel.
+I wanna go back lmao.

Pics from DR when i've got some timeee.
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[24 Apr 2007|05:20pm]
so so so excited for Dominican Republic MANANA!

+++jared cheer up... grandma's boy soon! ♥
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[17 Apr 2007|05:33pm]
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[08 Apr 2007|04:32am]
so it's around 4 AM
&& i can't sleep.

ben weener's not understanding what i'm sayingggg. so that's prolly a cue for bedtime.
buttt i wanna talk about life.

Rachel came down to Long Island on weds? i think lol. We hung out for a bit at my place then went to the mall... Tell me how i spent $200 at victoria's secret? So we did that.. then we packed my shit and slept at Randall's.. I don't really know what time we went to bed.. but it was LATE.. or early?.. whatevs. So we went into the city to get Rach a fake and stuff.. it was cold out and i wasn't wearing the right attire.. Randall and I said our goodbyes to Rachie and headed off to China town... Never again will i ride a chinatown bus. We got to GW two hours later than expected? i think.. but it was a pain. When we finally got there things got better. We got drunnnnk.. we met jesse's peeeps and played pool. For some odd reason I decided to play cards with Geiser and Red?.. until 6 AM. It was then Jesse's official birthday =) Jesse had a burrito thing for breakfast and didn't share lol.. & Randall and I had yogurt. We checked out some monuments & did some community service. We fed the poor.. and when i went to the bathroom i heard someone behind me say "i'm here"... old church = haunted. So we did that & we met some of Jesse's frat brothers. When we got back I fell asleep on Jesse's bed with Randall<3 Rooooomantic. After a longggg brainstorm we finally headed over for Tai food. DELICIOUS. it was my first =).. When we got back it was then time to get drunkie. Randall made drinks for me all night and they were tastyyyy. Jesse played some Karreoki (sp?).. and we then went to the parttyyyy. i lost peopleee but i made friends so it wasn't half bad. I bumped into Jordan Werner and Jared kirzner &&&& Geiser finally decided to show up with a friend and when the party started to suck we left. Now this is when it's starts to get a little hazy.. i think i was up on the roof with the guys.. and then i think i ended up in the room with people.. and something happened.. i'll leave that for a friends only entry lmao......... ummm, then the next morning Jesse's family came for his bday. We had CiCi's..
"Play at your own risk. No Refunds."
We drove around for a bit.. went to the white house.. and then said our goodbyes.
The drive went well this time around. Jesse's family drove randall and i home =). I finally got home and thennn i went out again. Coffee with Jared plusssss bar/kareoke(sp?) with middle agged people. Played some pool .. again lol. Won my fair share of games. & Jared sang some U2. Got home at 3 30?... & Jared has work at 6. ouchie.

There's really no point in my bangs.. i keep clipping them back.

um, i should prolly head over to sleep.. breakfast manana with my favoriteee, ilana<3

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[03 Apr 2007|01:41pm]
So lately, we've been playing a lot of pool & stuff...

!@#$%^&*()_+Collapse )
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[01 Apr 2007|12:53pm]
Spring Break is off to a good start =],
#Walked around campus for a while with Fransisco
#Failed a midterm with Fransisco
#Met up with Joe, Meg & Ash for Umbertos
#Saw Ben Weener
#American Psycho at my place. Tracy came too.
#lmao, we went back in time basically and met up with Derek, Weener, Meg Divine, Peej, Jessi, Sha, & others.
#Ran into lots of little ones, including my brother's girlfriend haha
#Then Joe drove my car to tbell cuz i was a little drunkie..
#Mario Kart @ Weener's. I beat Derek =D!
$Roadtrip with Randall !
$We left at around 10.. got to Rider at 12
$Breakfast on campus was reaaaal good.
$We walked around Princeton and bought chocolates, and change purses.
$took pictures around Princeton University
$Anddd basically caught up with stuff
$We went to an absolute delicious restaurant && they give you garlic knots and great salads w/o you ordering them
$I then got my ice cream mixed lol.. or basically made into coldstones juice.
$back to the dorm to talk about becker's smellie roomate lmao.
$Then drove back in an hour and ahalff! haha.

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[28 Mar 2007|06:53pm]
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Ro got dunked today =)
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[26 Mar 2007|06:45pm]
I'm much too excited for Spring Break, Dominican Republic, Randall & Ilana's homecoming, dinner tonight, summer, & shopping!
Plus i met a dominican boy.. & he said im pretty for a man. [well. i said i sounds like a male]
Me & Ro drove into Mount Misery today somehow. & there were 3 horses standing still starring at us.. weird. i wanna go back with jesse and an army =)
gtg though dinner with whitney.................
hopefully some pics soon
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[23 Mar 2007|04:49pm]
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Finally got the courage to get bangs :-)
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[11 Mar 2007|06:56pm]

I miss Daria<3
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[11 Mar 2007|12:26pm]
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i thought this was cute, in a really faggie kind of way..

Me & Jim ♥

plussss i love the sex scene in 300. real intense.
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[09 Mar 2007|07:07am]
So i'm starting a diet with my nutritionist on monday. We're detoxing for 3 weeks, and then continuing with some program she has set up. But so far I've been on my own diet and I've lost 9 1/2 pounds. =), I can't wait for the summer!
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[25 Feb 2007|04:14pm]
the past few days have been pretty fun.
the cup
hung out with members from KOY.
partied at Rich's
Slaughtered the guys at guitar hero :-)
& tumsie and i took over beer pong !
Huge test on Monday :(

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[20 Feb 2007|02:21pm]
Last night i went to dinner with regina and her mommy as kind of a goodbye dinner :-/. We went to the Wantaugh Inn after 3 years of Regina saying it was amazing. And yea, it was yummy lol.. We got Whitney after and tried to get brickman but cudn't and went to ian's... and i took some pics..
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[18 Feb 2007|03:11pm]
yet another greg post..
He came down this past weekend to celebrate our four month & valentines :-)
Stupid I-81 was closed down so he came extra late on friday, so we got half off appetizers and watched t.v for a little. theeeen on saturday i woke up before greg and made him breakfast we then played guitar hero obvs.. andddd my dad brought me greg shawn and alyssa to ihop. we ate.. then the parentals went into queens and we went on a double date to the Grand Lux Cafe. omg delicious... for 150 it better be lol..
my brother and i had the steak.. alyssa had a salad.. greg had chicken parm and desserttt was waaaaaay too much to handle. i don't even wanna talk about itt. lol. so i then hadda be rolled out of the restaurant andd ummm we hung around the house and looked at old photos of the family. anddd today (sunday) we made breakfast and watched some old movie with a giant.. and the family... whatever. and he's now gone. but it was lots o' fun :)

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[10 Feb 2007|01:14am]
I just want the whole world to know that i went to a fashion show during fashion week. DETAILS LATER.

[07 Feb 2007|09:27am]
i somehow got my coffee flung all over my lap and left class with 3 new friends =)
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[06 Feb 2007|12:06am]
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TRIP WITH MCKENNELLLLLLL [02 Feb 2007|09:20am]
okay today's gunna be a long day. but soooo worthwhile.
it's 9:21 AM & i just left my 8 o'clocker then i'm going to my 10 o'clocker..
and thenennn i'm speeding home in the sleet.
grabbing my crap.
plus last minute stuffs
&train to penn

[29 Jan 2007|09:41pm]
i don't get the sideways peace sign or BALLIN'!
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