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I'd like to sing to you... if you'd like me to.

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  2009.06.26  01.21
Mr. Bear Vs. Geordi the Talking Dog

I used an MGMT melody for my song to Geordi.

RIP MJ. Who's bad? You's wuz.


  2009.01.29  20.28

"These Machines" is on iTunes.

With a typo.

That is gonna be fixed.



  2008.12.31  15.50
These Machines Re-Release Available for Pre-Order!


You can actually pre-order right now.


  2008.11.12  23.27




  2008.05.08  19.25
Don't Anybody Forget....

The Mr. Bear CD release/ (Clap!) KIDZ POP! Farewell show is tomorrow at EASY STREET at 9:00pm! RAISE THE ANCHORS is also playing.


If you just can't make it to the show there is another option to get your copy of THESE MACHINES, other than just seeing me on the street or something...


It's $10.00, plus $2 for shipping.

The disc comes in a full color, durable and environmentally friendly keep-case/paper-digipack-super case! AND included in each CD is a collectible poster! There are 5 different posters, but you only get one. It'll be a surprise!

30 second song samples are coming soon! And SHIRTS will soon be available online as well!

You can pick up the CD and the Shirt at tomorrow's show at Easy Street Piano Bar.
CD's will be $10 (they were pricey to make, but they're worth it, I swear!) and Shirts will also be $10.

Be there! Bring your friends!


  2008.04.25  13.26
Rubber Duckies


The CD release show is gonna be at Easy Street Piano bar.
May 9th! 9:00 pm


(Clap!) KIDZ POP!


  2008.04.24  11.31
The Chronical of a release date in Posters(one per day, for 4 days and on and on)

I started doing this on MySpace and I and thought I'd continue it here as well, since I usually just use my LJ as a promotion tool these days.

This, of course, is concerning the release date of the new Mr. Bear album, "These Machines" which is due out on May 9th. It is also on May 9th that the CD release show will be held. Not sure yet where it will be, but I'll let you know.

By the way, thanks to Sarita and Nick for being real cool about the date, I appreciate it.

The show will also be the (clap!) KIDZ POP! Farewell show. After this they will cease to perform for a while, so if everyone knows whats good for them they'll come and see them one last time!

Also Raise the Anchors is gonna play I heard.

POSTERS(starting 4 days ago):

To Be Continued, one per day, everyday, till the day...


  2007.10.03  23.14

Be there of be [].


  2007.04.03  22.08


TUMBLE FEVER is the new short i just completed. It was shot and edited in one week. I entered it into the Little Rock Film Festival, which will be in May. hopefully it will be chosen to screen. I will also be entering it into other festivals.

i really like this one.

my fascination with physical dissorders is back in action. An head injury causes Tobias to feel no pain and his girlfriend and buddy help him test his threshhold and discover his abilities. Jonathan Wilkins, Matthew Aurilio, Corey Clifford and Booth Owens star.

Show media Loading...

Tumble Fever(2007) on Vimeo

that's a fair quality version, but it's much better on a television and hopefully on a big screen! if you like it enough i can give you a DVD. just ask.


  2007.02.21  13.25
got the rap game in a chokehold

mr bear music

"How Tasty(Are the White)"
AKA "...lets ditch this Donner Party"

just finished this up yesterday. new single from what will be a new album called These Machines.
more to come. soon, hopefully.

Mood: shorty says

  2006.09.26  12.54
This machine Surrounds Hate and forces it to Surrender.

i covered Sufjan Steven's 'John Wayne Gacy, Jr.' on my banjo.

that was fun and got me excited about recording again.

'John Wayne Gacy, Jr.'


  2006.09.18  21.55

MyHeritage - share family photos with facial recognition technology

fun. and flattering.


  2006.08.07  15.52
though he aint comin' and i aint goin'... i still love him!

Sufjan kicks Hendrix in the balls... pretty hard.

yes, he does...


  2006.07.13  18.22

i think the Little Rock Sufjan show is going to turn out to be a big joke on us.

Asthmatic Kitty has posted a site made especially for buying tickets to all the upcoming Suf shows saying "hurry hurry, tickets are going fast! buy now! buy now!"... but Little Rock is nowhere to be found. accept for the original schedule posted on the AK site, i haven't seen Little Rock anywhere on any other schedules on any other sites.

i'm upset. the closest show is in St. Louis. 6 or so hours away.


  2006.07.06  16.26

The Instruments new album

it came out the same day as the Danielson album and no one told me.

no one fuckin' told me.


  2006.06.30  01.55

everyone should come to...

yard sail bitches

this Saturday and Sunday!
that's the 1st and the 2nd!

at my house!

4 Conners Ct.

follow the signs. you'll see 'em.

come bright and early. bring cash. a lot beacause there's good shit.

- LOTS OF MOVIES! Lots, i swear. DVDs. VHSs.

- CDs!/RECORDs! Classic! oldies! 90s! RAP! SOUNDTRACKS!

- VIDEO GAMES!: Playstation 2. Nintendo. Super Nintendo. N64. Gameboy.
- CONSOLES!: Nintendo, Super Nintendo (you better want those), N64, GameBoy, Playstation.

- CLOTHES!!! hip! alternative! classy! just for you, boy/girl!

- FURNITURE!! nice table/chair set for all you guys getting a place of your own!


come to it, okay. you won't regret it. you got two chances to make the biggest decision of your life and you ought to make the best choice and come on down at least one of the two days and check out what we got.

oh yeah, there will be COOKIES and LEMONADE/TEA for you, too.


  2006.06.27  01.08
i love the way she smells.

Mr. Bear... the ALBUM!

been a while LJ. i come BEARing gifts... ha.

while the girl was away for a week i mucked up five new pieces, put some special touches on some others and completed my album.

here are the new:


if you'd like, i'll build you a pretty copy of the album with art and a bonus track
or you can go here and download them all to make your own copy.
either way it's FREE!
so jump on it.

you're all lovely, by the way. i missed you.

Mood: 1... 2...

  2006.04.25  16.46
blue skies are comin' my way, i think i'll take a break tomorrow.

"High Fievel"


Booth Owens
Marianne Nolley
Darrell Scott
Nathan Wells
Corey Clifford
Matt Aurilio

music by Alex Abrams and myself.

written and directed by myself.

20 mins

Mood: i hope

  2006.04.19  21.26
please remember me

you know, it's one of those times...

when you're in the car and you pop in an old mix. and you hear a song that you haven't heard in so long. and you listen to it and sing along. and are reminded of the time when you listend to that song over and over. and you enjoy it. and are intrigued by the nostalgia.

and then you play it again...

only this time you don't sing along, you just listen and reflect. reflect on 'that' period. the song overtakes you. you can feel that old feeling. a different feeling than now. it's how the memories of your childhood feel different from the memories of yesterday. but it's only been a couple of months. the smell and the emotion are what hit me. how my stomach tingled. the feeling is so it's own. i instantly realize that i was feeling the exact same feeling i felt in that period. my eyes begin to swell... not because it was a better time than now... not because i was happier... but because the nostalgia is so powerful and so real at this moment that i realize how it's all changed and it makes me cry.

i'm the happiest man alive, right now. but no matter how happy you are, you still miss happy times.
i can't imagine where i'd be without that time. with or without that song.

i love you all.


  2006.04.04  23.01
if i could get rid of this debt i'd be better off instead of being terrible, i'd be just tollerable


in other news...

Maxel Toft is real nice and is sending me a compilation CD of his religious music.

that's more than i can say for Daniel Smith, who still hasn't sent me one of those nifty homemade "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?" buttons. all well... still love ya, Danielson.

Mood: there'd be no toubles

  2006.03.16  22.33
i'm lying here waiting for sleep to overtake me.i wanted her to tell me that she would never wake me

i think i speak for everyone when i say

-matthew mcconaughey
-chocolate cake
-pretty music
-spring break

in other news... while skimming through the best magazine in the world, FILM COMMENT, i came across some news that Will Oldham is starring in a new indie flick called Old Joy, which was an Official Selection at this years Sundance film festival and at the SXSW Film Fest in Austin, TX (once again damn you SXSW for being in March!). I have yet to see big Bonny's acting skills, but i have total faith in him and can't wait to see his beard on the big screen.

Old Joy

he's also starring in an exciting new film called The Guatemalan Handshake, coming to a theater near you and 2005s Junebug, which is out on video.

don't forget to wear green tomorrow... those cunts will pinch yo ass if you don't.

Mood: blue canary in the outlet

  2006.03.12  22.59
boredom murders the heart of our age while sanguinary creeps take the stage.

because Big C had never heard it...

I Wish | Skee Lo

skee lo, bitches.

1995... demz wuz tha dayz.

Mood: is it bright where you are?

  2006.03.07  21.08
Films of mine.

finally i have uploaded some of my short films onto YouTube, which means my website is complete.


I've included the rarely seen Weary Wheelin' as well as my better known efforts. Enjoy.

also, i found these...



i made them when i entered the film into a contest, but never distributed them anywhere because they're rather shitty looking.

Mood: jesus

  2006.03.05  23.50
stay healthy


stay healthy. don't ever have another pizza eating contest. it isn't worth the fame to be the victor. it sucks a little. and definately don't only eat pizza for the next two days after you win a pizza eating contest. stay healthy. fruits vegetables nuts water fiber.

i would only suggest the pizza binge for the sole satisfaction and relief of the "purge" day, in which you are finally able to poop, pee and get a full erection. this day comes 3-4 days after the binge.


Mood: do what i say...

  2006.02.26  22.02
where you'll find love, you never really know

Nessy could be a boy.

WELLINGTON WIMPY: well, Samantha... what do you have to say for yourself?

SAMANTHA TANGLEFOOT: only that i love you and i wish you nothing but the best on your voyage. won't you kiss me?

WELLINGTON WIMPY: must you ask me that? look at'cha self... you've been actin' like a crazy tomato, baby... all that shit-about knockin' over parking meters and blowin' your nose in my book of crossword puzzles... you wouldn't really expect a nice fella like myself to make time with a dame that plays bubble duck games like that, do ya, toots? now listen... i'm not one to judge, but you act skippier than Popeye and, dammit, sometimes your snooty booty just aint so kissable.

SAMANTHA TANGLEFOOT: aw suga, i'm sorry. don't be mad... my pops got my socks so tight in his teeth because of my grades... i can't have you out to get me, too. you're the only person in this world a gal can trust. i promise i'll be good. honest. there aint a thing to worry about... you got my word. i wouldn't want my man to step aboard that boat with any shred of worry that his favorite lady's gonna be a trouble mamma while he's gone. no. because you got enough to worry about... like those goddam Japs they're sending you over to kill. i know. i know, baby... for Pete's sake, i love you more than anything and any one word could tell. just kiss me... again and for the last time.

WELLINGTON WIMPY: baby... you got me all googly eyed.

well, cool.
oh DanielI love you.
there is a documentary about Daniel Johnston coming out.
that's pretty exciting.

Mood: your brother and sister there

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