The Currently Undefined History of A Mountain Man in a Technological World

out of the ashes of this global city the wild will rise again

24 September
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About me...
What is there to say about me, difficult to include in such a format.
Well, I am a currently undeclared, unaffiliated student.
I have successfully completed a relevant college experience and have slaved through a relatively unrelevant University situation.
I have reached a point where I need to remove myself from the academic institution and venture out into the world to get my goals back on track.
Friends and family are key, even if I dont see them over long periods of time. I tend to leave a lot... which has both negatively and postively affected my relationships in life, although I suspect it leans more to the negative side of things. My dream is to work abroad, bringing clean water and bountiful food to communities in the third world. I would like to accomplish this through the United Nations Environmental Initiative, but I would go by any means.
Complacency is my biggest fear.
Love. what else is there to say...its better than coming to blows.
Music washes away the dust of everyday life.
One is never alone among the trees.
And, your blood is what sets you apart. Skin colour means nothing. Creed means nothing. But blood, this is what binds us to the past, its what makes us strong in todays world. Never go against your family, and always respect and uphold your bloodline.

you want to know more,
come and ask me.

"Raven Sings a Medicine Way, Coyote Steals the Pollen."


...Songwalking the Hunter's Road

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