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NEW LIVEJOURNAL [25 Jun 2007|12:21am]
Hi guys!
I have a NEW LJ named: /~luckyhuman. (sorry the shitty tags arent working and the FAQ is very weird) Why?
This journal is a COMPLETE MESS, Its even impossible to check out my friendslist, and it takes to much time to check out anything intresting induvidualy (am I spelling that correct?) anyway, I had TONS of communitys and probably some friends I dont know anything about because I couldnt look a my friendspage.. I will be like this a partly friendsonly journal, only Im planning to do more in my LJ instead of toomuch communitys.
SO if you want you can add me on /~luckyhuman
I still have some stuff to do first (lay out) Im happy I got rid of this shit. SO maybe Ill see you there??
For the rest: bye bye
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