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my friend is from poland & ummm, he has a beard

...surprise...sometimes...will come around...

ugh...here goes...

I'm artistic/creative with eccentric/eclectic taste - but who isnt, right? blah blah...

Born & raised in L.A.

28 years young.

A tad sarcastic at times.

7 piercings on each ear.

I dont like pink - although sometimes it finds it's way into my wardrobe.

Vegetarian 'coz i dont like the taste of meat.

Want to learn drums (i should stop talkin about it & get to it already).

Hispanic (in case that matters).

I'm a simple girl - really =)


ANNNNNNDDD for the record; I ADORE PORTISHEAD and I'm IN LOVE with INTERPOL. Thank u.
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