bloodykiss_ (bloodykiss_) wrote,


scene was alright, controller.controller were fucking amazing.... mainly because holly and i were on shrooms. The guy that we bought them off was hot. I'm kinda angry that i didnt get in to see Silverstein, Alexisonfire or Jude The Obscure because it was soo effing packed. I didn't care yesterday cause i was happy inside my head. I remember sitting on a bench staring at the ground thinking i saw a monkey come out of the ground. Karen was tripping me out way too much... i was scared. wooooop Holly thought she peed herself it was soo fucking funny. And i looked at a tree and thought it was god lifting his hand out and coming to bring me to heaven. Then we met this hot boy that went to Niagara Distict that gave me a ciggerette and he has a cool looking friend with cool shoes. holly called him the little man with the little shoes. Then we saw a mentally challeneged boy with an dent in his head.. and he had headgear  it was way too funny. but it was also tripping me out BIG TIME. oh yeah.... the matadors were FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!! i was getting my grooooove on. ahhaha thiers also more shit that happened that night.. but too lazt to tell..  g'day

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