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me and Jocelyn hung out yesterday. I picked her up from her foster home. Its actually pretty nice, the dogs are cute. We went to the pen, this time it was actually fun because jocelyn was being a total fucktard.She walked over to stitches.. and then she yelled at the top of her lungs "OH MY GOD... 2 SHIRTS FOR TWENTY DOLLERS". It was so funny...because everyone in the foodcourt just stared at her... me being always embarrased ran away. Then when we went out for a ciggerette, jocelyn was hugging random strangers...twas fun. We went back inside to be shit disturbers again.. then we bought fries. Then we took 6 ritalin each. I feel amazing when im on it... it feels like nothing can go wrong. It makes you talk alot though. So me and jocelyn just kept on talking about how guys fuck us over and shit like that. We went back to her house.. which is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL!!!  because in order for her to visit her mom.. FACS has to know.  We went into the house... her parents were smashed. They gaveusmoney and ciggerettes and they were talking about what they are going to say to the judge in order to get jocelyn out of a foster home. If she cant go back home.. she will probably move with ehr grandma.. thank god her grandma lives in st catharines. around 9:30 we started walking home. I walked her to pearson and then we split. Annnnd that was our night.
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