July 19th, 2004


i'm so fucking bored, i just wanna go get drunk or high or something... i'm slightly confused about things, guy's mostly. There is this one i like, well i don't know i do.. he used to be a total asshole(in a jokingly way) to me, but i always took offence to it, but now all he says are things like "i wanna be with you, i like you soo much.. blah blah blah" and i don't know.. cause he has a bad reputation for using girls. i don't know. I can't wait till thursday, me and holly are ogoing to welland to go to some battle of the bands shit.. but were also obviosuly going to drink or something.. i can't stand to watch all those lame cover bands. Im only going for dead only better. I need more t-shirts.. im going to go shopping tommorow with mommy. My mom bought me that new Veet hair removal stuff..  it smells like shit but it works.  try it :) but im off for now..



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