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jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly bones...... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Oct 2004|11:54am]

so uhh yeah..   my weekend

friday- after school, went to miss kristy's house.. waited for ashley w. to arrive. then we got ready then went to jordan's to go see him and mike B (aka the ex welland whore)... stayed until like 12:00 ish then left

saturday- joc slept over.. we were on msn then christen called us young sluts on jordans msn so we knew he was at jordans house..  so the coniving cunt bitches  we are we walked are little asses over to jordans.. found christens car and wrote         i love young sluts

                       by: anonymous young sluts <3

it was funnny.. cause when we got back home.. we went on msn and put my name to "who wants to chill with some eligable YOUNG SLUTS" and then mike just started laughing and he was like IT WAS YOU!!!!  and he told us how christen reacted..  twas good times..    then after christen left jordans..  jordan and mike came over.. jordan was putting action figures in my freezer and my oven.. i got angry cause joc was pissin me off so i went in my bathroom and slammed the door.. all i heard was   CRASH!!!! then i knew i broke the huge mirror on the other side of the door..  OH MAN  i said. then mike and joc helped me clean it up. around 4:00 my grandma arrived.. i hid jordan and mike.. lol    she was like   grandma -   "whos here"

                                                                            jordana- "no one"

                                                                             grandma- "i heard other voices" (then looks in my room andsees mike and some one under my blankets)

                                                                         jordana- " OK FINE, thiers a boy here"..  (then the blanket moves)   -"alright maybe 2"  

then everyone starts to laugh... then we all leave for jordans.. we had a slumber party in his tent.. then joc and jordan left to go inside  (ooooooooh) me and mike were in the tent still.. it got reeeallly cold so we went to go inside.. joc and jordan locked us out..   WE WERE PISSSSSED..  so then we went to avondale.. mike got food then we went back to jordans.. i fell asleep in the tent. then around 6 mike wakes me up and says.. the doors open now.. come in.    i fell asleep on the loveseat and mike fell asleep on the couch..   later i moved to jordans room and he moved to the loveseat.. me and joc were spooning.. then around 5pm jordans dog came and woke us up and mike and jordan were laughing. we talked and hung for about and hour .. then we left.    me and joc were is big shit when we came home.




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[01 Oct 2004|12:44am]

i wish i was a scene whore <//3       le sigh :(



ha    cunt

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[01 Oct 2004|12:43am]
i wish i was a scene whore <//3       le sigh :(

[30 Sep 2004|11:24pm]

well...   i havent updated in a while


things have been well..  school is gay..im transferring to gov simcoe soon, i will miss kristy lots... shes my only school friend <3 welll her and alanna. my birthday passed i got my monroe pierced and clothes...it was swell.

i like stuff... i took out my lip ring...i got bored..   i also cut my hair again... its hella short.


i cant wait till circle takes the sqaure next week.. hellllls  yeahhh


im gay peace out mutha fukkkas


[03 Sep 2004|03:27am]

miss me fuckers



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[23 Jul 2004|02:48pm]



 tommorow were going to some party in welland it will be goooood times

me and holly are prettyful


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[22 Jul 2004|03:03am]


i'm so gad i didnt go for the crusty oi..  hahah he's such a fucking class act..  says he wants to be with me, already has a girlfriend, and has fucked one of my friends last week..  thats like 3 girls. im so drunk right now that i find it funny.. hahahhahahahha


good luck carrrra <3

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[21 Jul 2004|02:02pm]
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[21 Jul 2004|12:27am]
[ mood | furious ]

yeah fuck you..  im fucking too good for you anyways you crusty oi whorebag!!!!!


i'm way fucking too hot for this shit

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cuntface [19 Jul 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | content ]

i'm so fucking bored, i just wanna go get drunk or high or something... i'm slightly confused about things, guy's mostly. There is this one i like, well i don't know i do.. he used to be a total asshole(in a jokingly way) to me, but i always took offence to it, but now all he says are things like "i wanna be with you, i like you soo much.. blah blah blah" and i don't know.. cause he has a bad reputation for using girls. i don't know. I can't wait till thursday, me and holly are ogoing to welland to go to some battle of the bands shit.. but were also obviosuly going to drink or something.. i can't stand to watch all those lame cover bands. Im only going for dead only better. I need more t-shirts.. im going to go shopping tommorow with mommy. My mom bought me that new Veet hair removal stuff..  it smells like shit but it works.  try it :) but im off for now..



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tupac [19 Jul 2004|04:33am]
Thug Bear
Thug Bear

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[18 Jul 2004|01:02pm]

wow, i haven't updated in a while. Me and jocelyn went to the adaadw cd release show on the 15th. it was fun. I met some guy named mike.. he was quite nice. had very nice lips:) the show was erally good. Jude the obscure and atmoi were amazing as usual. ive been staying in every night to watch the Blame The Parent's film festival. So far i've watched Lolita, the Virgin Suicides,Kids and Bully. Tommorow im going to watch Fun. I need to get my drink on...fast!




[17 Jul 2004|07:58pm]
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woooop [12 Jul 2004|08:06pm]

scene was alright, controller.controller were fucking amazing.... mainly because holly and i were on shrooms. The guy that we bought them off was hot. I'm kinda angry that i didnt get in to see Silverstein, Alexisonfire or Jude The Obscure because it was soo effing packed. I didn't care yesterday cause i was happy inside my head. I remember sitting on a bench staring at the ground thinking i saw a monkey come out of the ground. Karen was tripping me out way too much... i was scared. wooooop Holly thought she peed herself it was soo fucking funny. And i looked at a tree and thought it was god lifting his hand out and coming to bring me to heaven. Then we met this hot boy that went to Niagara Distict that gave me a ciggerette and he has a cool looking friend with cool shoes. holly called him the little man with the little shoes. Then we saw a mentally challeneged boy with an dent in his head.. and he had headgear  it was way too funny. but it was also tripping me out BIG TIME. oh yeah.... the matadors were FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!! i was getting my grooooove on. ahhaha thiers also more shit that happened that night.. but too lazt to tell..  g'day

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[10 Jul 2004|04:09am]
[ mood | UK ]





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[09 Jul 2004|02:11am]

"nothing's better than having rough sex when your fucked on coke."


*sigh*  i love Niagara drugheads.. they are hatt shit.

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methylphenidate [07 Jul 2004|03:31am]
[ mood | clonidine ]

i love myself because im a pill popping crackhead. 

there is something seriously wrong with me.

i can't live without popping some major prescription pill everyday.

i'm inphatuated with the high that i get from methylphenidate.. it's so fucking amazing. when im high on it, it feels like nothing can ruin my day. When a guy pisses me off or breaks my heart.. i just pop 7 and its all better. its better than fucking sex.

well there is my sick story of a 13 year old ruining her life with prescription drugs..




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wooo [06 Jul 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | crazy ]

me and Jocelyn hung out yesterday. I picked her up from her foster home. Its actually pretty nice, the dogs are cute. We went to the pen, this time it was actually fun because jocelyn was being a total fucktard.She walked over to stitches.. and then she yelled at the top of her lungs "OH MY GOD... 2 SHIRTS FOR TWENTY DOLLERS". It was so funny...because everyone in the foodcourt just stared at her... me being always embarrased ran away. Then when we went out for a ciggerette, jocelyn was hugging random strangers...twas fun. We went back inside to be shit disturbers again.. then we bought fries. Then we took 6 ritalin each. I feel amazing when im on it... it feels like nothing can go wrong. It makes you talk alot though. So me and jocelyn just kept on talking about how guys fuck us over and shit like that. We went back to her house.. which is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL!!!  because in order for her to visit her mom.. FACS has to know.  We went into the house... her parents were smashed. They gaveusmoney and ciggerettes and they were talking about what they are going to say to the judge in order to get jocelyn out of a foster home. If she cant go back home.. she will probably move with ehr grandma.. thank god her grandma lives in st catharines. around 9:30 we started walking home. I walked her to pearson and then we split. Annnnd that was our night.

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me and joc!!!!!! [05 Jul 2004|05:50am]

FUCKIN PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )
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[03 Jul 2004|07:33am]

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