~~You know what I need When my heart bleeds

I can't conceal The way I'm healed●

Elgaladwen's Icon Journal
9 December
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I am elgaladwen, and this is my icon journal. I was spamming up my normal journal with loads of icons, so I decided to put them all here instead. I make any types of icons, mostly based on my interests, so if you like randomness, or share the same interests as me, please friend me, or check back for updates!

For all icons, please Comment, (I like to know which ones people like!) Credit, (Just stick my name in the icons comments or keywords. Credit to elgaladwen or blood_red_.)and last but not least, please don't direct link. Thank you much!!

Brush credits may be found here.

Look in this journal's memories for a list of icons by subject.

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