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The Story of a Girl Who

Loves a Horse

The Adventures of Blitz
31 May 1979
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ponies are love
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I heart Tarsem Singh's "The Fall". It's one of those movies that parks itself in your brain for the long run.

and when i grow up, i'm going to stalk Lee Pace.

My name is Juanita. i am trying to move forward in this upside down world. i have ponies and cats and a nice boy. we live in a big house with a lawn that i water on a sporadic basis. i don't get drunk often enough. i eat too much. i drive a big car that's bad for the environment but i justify it's purpose by hauling hay and pulling horsefloats. in my heart i'm a farmer but won't farm until time stops and takes a breath and says goodbye to things that hold me back. my friends are dear, but i don't have many. i avoid social interactions and tend to stay home and read books or watch mindless entertainment. i don't like to think a lot - i did too much of that a long time ago, and blew a fuse. i like diamonds and need more of them. i am too selfish to have children but i know some clock, somewhere, is ticking away on me. i am a teacher and it makes me crazy_passionate. i cry in most movies and some books. i enjoy television advertisements. i go to restaurants alone, read books and listen to my yippee. i think about my mother now, more often than my father. i am easily distracted by sunsets and hill tops and black angry skies. i do not show cleavage or leg. i do use hair products. i need glasses but also need motivation to go get them. i need to take better care of my health, as if it's a person separate from me. apparently, i intimidate people. i also procrastinate, a lot.

Blitzy is on the left. Baby is on the right. They're paddock buddies @ blitzy's retirement home.
Blitzen is my upsidedown moon and keeps me sane. We've been together for 18 years, and i saw him on the day he was born.
this journal will have lots of horsey pics and interesting things. however, i am a sporadic poster, so bear with me.

My old journal is at: risk_misery (2002-2008), and i am the quasi maintainer of southern_horse, which is devoted to Southern Hemisphere Horsey Pursuits. my oldest journal (2001-2003) is at briar_spider. I am also one of the mods of equestrian, along with siobheanne, foalstory, lurath, remix22 and ihrayne.

In 2006, i worked with an OTTB mare, Kiwi. She was a lot of fun and a very gorgeous little girl to work with. I entertained buying her, but after I decided to retire Blitzen (arthritis), i decided to give up her lease and purchase a less green horse with fewer issues. Enter, BeeJay. Finally found a gorgeous boy, after many hours of searching and driving and trying out loads of ponies. i knew straight away when i saw him. I think he's gorgeous. Hopefully ours will be a long and fruitful partnership. So far the trip with beejay has been long and pretty exhausting and he's challenged me in so many ways. after my mum passed away, blitzen's retirement, and a bad fall off beejay, i lost a lot of confidence and he very quickly got my number and learnt how to dominate me. Enter the world of Parelli, which we've been playing around with now for nearly 5 years. i've only ever done the 7 games & don't bother with any of the "levels" or the dvd's or anything. Learnt entirely through an instructor and stuff online from my awesome friends. since, we've also had fairly extensive riding instruction from my awesome friend who has whipped me into shape and is teaching me how to take charge and ride thoroughbreds. FUN and games, i tell ya. i have learnt more about riding, balance, sensitivity, communication and patience in the 5 years i've had beejay than i have ever learnt with another horse, even blitzen. with him, i was spoilt. with beejay, i am the student and he has much to teach me.

About Blitzen:
Anglo Arab gelding.
Born on our farm in Dunsborough, western australia, November 15th 1990.
Educated by moi.
Disciplines: Pleasure riding/some hacking & dressage
Height: 16hh
Weight: Medium/heavyweight
Colour: dark bay
Markings: star, off hind sock.
The fun things in life: Eating. breaking into places he shouldn't be. stirring up other ponehs.

About BJ:
7yo TB gelding.
Height: 16hh
DOB: 19/09/1999
Colour: Chestnut, with a lot of flecking, smutting and Bend'Or marks
Purchased December 21, 2006.

My boy and my horse.


and Jai is faster than a speeding bullet and only comes out at night. when there's no wind. and no strangers. and no noise. and food.
All of our cats are adopted and they are not afraid to let it be known just who's in charge of our house. not us, that's for sure.

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