Thank you!!

A big thank you to qafhappy for getting me another 12 months of paid LJ!! She sucked me into LJ land last year and I owe her big time for it! I can't believe it has been a year already!!

Thanks again and again! :)

I Love After Christmas Sales!!

It's not even 11am yet and I have just returned from a wonderful morning of shopping!

I only picked up a few things, but saved so much on the things I did get that I am giddy!

I got...

a hat that I have had my eye on for weeks for $7 off
a pink tank top for $10 off
a dark pink button up sweater for $35 off
a silver ring for $6 off
and some hair elastics for $3 off

Needless to say I was quite pleased! I really wanted these great silver gift bags with metal handles, but they weren't being marked down, which I don't think is fair at all!!

Hope everyone else is having a great day so far! :)
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Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and very happy holiday season!!

You're all so amazing and I am so very thankful to have you all on my flist!

All my best :)

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

If anyone thought they were eerily attracted to Dan Radcliffe in POA...wait until you see the new GOF pics....needless to say I'm in trouble!

Of course these could be considered spoilers to the movie...




Much thanks to green_queen for first showing these to me!

Also, July 16, 2005 at midnight is the release date for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince!!! Seriously this just made my day!! :)
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Golden Globes

Johnny Depp and Finding Neverland did pretty well for themselves in the noms, my sister will be incredibly pleased. It seems so weird to not see LOTR in those lists!! I miss them already!!

I really want Don Cheadle to win for Hotel Rwanda, although I have yet to see it (since it opens January 7th), I love him and it is supposed to be incredibly powerful!

Ocean's Twelve

Just got home from seeing this...It was sooo good and hilarious, seriously I'm quite surprised the people around me didn't tell me to stop chuckling, as I was doing it almost continuously !!

Ocean's Eleven still holds a special place in my heart however, and I have to be honest and say if forced to choose I like the first one best!!! :)

Matt Damon was great, and frooshoo I know you don't like him, but I think you could tolerate him in this one!

Everyone else was amazing as always!

Also qafhappy so sorry I missed your calls....I will look for you online tomorrow! :)