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Ok, so i havent updated in a while. well i guess the computer just dosent intrest me anymore. sorry.

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What Do You Think?

So guys, i came up with this idea and some people said it was stupid then others said i should write a book out of it, so you have to let me know. so the whole book is about how hobos are secretly working for the goverment cleaning up cans and bottles in the biggest city is the u.s. also working undercover behind the bottle returns at grocery stores. then all the bottles are secretly being shipped to a small island off the coast of hawaii. where hobos have a secret empire made of cans and bottles and they have recently over thrown the goverment and are planning to take over the world with their modern aluminum weaponry. so let me know? i think its to crazy to be a book and my summer isnt that boring yet that id actually waste my time writing a book, so you guys gave to let me know if you think its a good idea. so ya. i spent the night at matts house tuesday night where we busted out his old nintendo and we pretty much played baseball (the name of the game is just plain baseball) and super mario 1 2 and 3 all night. it was interesting, then in the middle of the night at like 4 in the morning we were bored so we got out his colored hair gel and we made ourselves some "Emo Do's" i went with the original hair parted and over the eye while young matthew went with the typical spiked up in the back but by the end of our makeovers i just looked stupid with a rock hard dark red head. i tryed charging the wall to see if maybe id obtained a new super power like super hard hair man, see i already had the name. but lets just say things didnt go how i thought them out in my head. and i dont think matt was too happy with his hip do it was kind of. . . i cant think of the word to describe the mayhem. well then on wensday i went to matts churchm, it was intersting.. . .i got a free pop. so i was down with that. and their band was pretty cool. nothing like my churches with our walmart drum set that i have to play, but hey, its better then nothing i guess. well i have to go help my sister mover, she finally got a new house. its raining out. thats not going to help things. stupid michigan weather.

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Bust Out The Good Wine, JJ's Back

What is up people? its been forever since ive updated, or even had a computer. But ladies and gentlemen, do not worry, for i have busted out the old windows 98 pentium 2 Hp from somewhere in my basement, ill say this much, my old computer was slow but id give anything to have that back because this computer isnt exacly like chuck norris's lightning fast judo chops. more like that annoying guy in front of you on a one-way country road in the middle of nowhere in a no passing zone doing the speed limit. Its very agrivating. so lets see, whats up with? i just got back from my cottage in port austin about a hour ago, it wouldnt of been that bad but we were up there since wensday ans all we did was work cuz we had to paint the whole thing, and i dont know if it was hot here yesterday but up there it was like over weight 5 year old in the middle of a sweat shop in India making winter jackets for columbia wear. (like 100 degrees) (with humidity and such). so ya. unfortunatly we have to re-attend the nightmare for july 4th which ruins whatever fun that holiday brings for me. july 4th to me is going to ohio and buying illegal fireworks then smuggling them back into the country in those little rasinete boxes and push pops. then we run around shooting roman candles at each other. i wonder if the romans really have candles like that. . . o man, im going to rome. anyways. ya thats what i do with my holiday. no one really cares what the holiday is about, its kind of like thanksgiving. no one really cares about the pilgrims, ( no offense to any pilgrims reading this ) its just a special day where you can stuff your face to the max and maybe get 5 bucks from your grandma. but ya but back to the subject, july 4th is an amazing holiday where u run around blowing things up. I wonder if they have a day like that in Afganastan or if they just do it every few years coughWORLDTRADECENTERScough. but ya july 4th is no fun with parents in the middle of nowhere with maybe a sparkler and a few snappers if your good. am i talking in cirles? sorry this annoys me. So ya I REALLY NEED A JOB!!!! so if anyone works anywhere their hiring let me know cuz then ill have money and i can pay for insurance so then i can get my licence and drive around and such. so ya. i dont feel like talking anymore. i might not update a lot anymore cuz my computer is like a sloth stuck in a tar pit. :::::::EVERYONE WHO HAS READ THIS MUST COMMENT SO I KNOW SOMEONE CARES ABOUT THIS AMAZING COMBACK::::::: Thank you for letting me waste all your precious time. Jonathan. (JJ YOU IDIOTS)
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Retarded. . .


    so im at the library cuz my mom put all these passwords on my computer so i cant get on cuz she thinks that im screwing up the computer so now im here messin with these stupid library computers that are slow as crap. but ya.

  so yesterday i went to school, then me James and Chris left after lunch and went to this bridge and we were walking around over there and there is this really big feild with woods surrounding it and we came out of the woods and there were these four people wearing all black probably like 20 yards away and they had these hood on and crap, now at the time we thought they were cops or something so we ran back into the woods and we found this like pile of animal bones and there were like small piles of rocks with like skulls in the middle and we were all freakin out cuz we then realized there was like a cult back there and those people we saw in the hoods were like cult members and crap so we started running down the trail and there were all these crosses on the trees and stuff then we saw this like rabbit or something small like that nailed to the tree and it looked all fresh and stuff so we were freakin out so much then we found this like hut thing with a firepit (no fire) and a bunch of chairs and we went into it and were all scared n stuff then we stayed in there for like 10 minutes and then we knocked it down and ran away back to the bridge by these condos so we thought if we saw them again we would just run into the parking lot assuming that they wouldnt follow us. We never did see them again but we knew one thing, if you skip school YOU GET SACRAFICED BY A CULT. so let this be a leson to all of you skippers out there. dont be stupid. lol. but ya then i came home and went over Matts until like tenish and we watched Preditor and played some xbox and i beat him of course so ya. i donno. i have to go cuz the library is retarded. my birthday is next friday the 29th. i expect a present from all who dont hate me and even if you do i still expect one thanks you super cool people.


by the way, i might not update for a while cuz i dont have a computer anymore so who knows.

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Hmmmm. . . confusion anyone?

Do you think you can read my mind? - From
About this Friend....Guess who?
rockin cool person
haha pink
Ehhh, lets change churches and be cool
need to have breakfast. . .
the most amazing kid in the world
his websites are amazing
my bestest friend ever, that i miss
hmmm never went bowling
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I've Sunken To Everyones Level

Thats right boys and girls, out of sheer boredom and lack of updates i JJ have decided to sink to a very low level and put one of these "i dont know what to call them" things in my journal, please comment back because u all love me and u actually read my journal unlike those other weird people that dont thanks!!!!!!!! i'll give u a dollar if you comment. . . .


1.Who are you?
2.When is my birthday?
3.Do I play an instrument, if yes what do i play?
4.What do I live in?
5.Would you marry me?
6.Would you have sex with me?
7.Would you kiss me?
8.Whats the most you would do/ have done with me?
9.What is my favorite band?
10.What was the best time we ever spent with each other?
11.Have you ever been jealous of me?
12.Have I ever done any drugs?
13.Do I smoke?
14.Do I have a girlfriend?
15.Who do I like?
16.Whats my favorite fast food?
17.Am I hot?
18.How do I dress?
19.Am I poor, rich, or in between?
20.What have you helped me with?
21.What have I helped you with?
22.Am I a virgin?
23.Am I shy?
24.Am I outgoing?
25.Describe me in one word.
26.Describe me in three words.
27.How would you rate our friendship out of 1 to 10?
28.Do you wish we were better friends?
29.Where, when and how did we meet?
30.Have you ever felt uncomfortable or shy or acted different around me?
31.When you first met me did you want do be my friend?
32.Have you ever hated me?
33.Have you ever been mad at me?
34.Have you ever needed me when I wasnt there?
35.Do I do good in school?
36.Am I smart or dumb?
37.Have you ever wanted something from me that you couldnt have?
38.Whats your favorite one of my shirts?
39.What group would you classify me in: prep, loser, slutty, a homey, average, jock, hippie,
glam, snob, punk, goth, nerd, skater, bully, gangster, wigger, or one of the fat kids?
40.Have I ever changed your attitude?
41.Have I ever liked you?
42.Do you like me?
43.Have you ever liked me?

44.Do you love me?
45.My name:
46.Who introduced us?
47.My middle name?:
48.How long have you known me?
49.How well do you know me?
50.My age?
51.Hair color?
52.Eye color?
53.Am I tall or short or average?
54.Do I have any siblings?
55.What is one of my favorite things to do?
56.Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?
57.What's your funniest memory of me?
58.What's my favorite type of music?
59.What is my best feature?
60.What is my worst feature?
61.Do you look up or down on me as a person?
62.Do you think I have morals and values?
63.Am I a leader or a follower?
64.Can you picture me dancin'?
65.Can you picture me rollin'?
66.Would you say I am funny?
67.Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules?
68.Do I have any special talents?
69.What's my best accomplishment?
70.Would you consider me a friend?
71.Have you ever seen me cry?
72.If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?
73.What is your favorite thing to do with me?
74.Do I drink alcohol?
75.Have I ever been there for you?
76.Am I fun to be with?
77.Name one way I have changed your life or made an impact on it:
78.Would you go out with me if I asked you?
79.Tell me something about me that you've never told me:

you who answer this are like the most amazing people on the face of this earth. This is a one and a life time oppertunity to fill this out, i wont be caught dead putting another one in here. . . . . ever.



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ill take JJ is cool for 900


  Nothing much happened today i guess although at lunch me and Adam went out to finish or delayed game of hakeysack from like 3 weeks ago, i beat him at 25. so ya. then we were out side and this stupid preppy kid i couldnt see him but i saw the bright pink shirt. (what a cool guy!!) he like locked us out so rather than trying to get back in there we walked all the way around the school to the front door and the whole way there we were laughing cuz the school is really retarded if u think about it, with our recent bomb threats our security sucks cuz me n adam walked around the whole school, (which is bigger than u think after u walk around it) and we didnt see one security dude, not one at all, thats right boys and girls. not one rent-a-cop in site, no cheap white mini vans that say "chippewa security" written in sharpie with their little orange light to strike fear into villans everywhere. So anyways we walk right into the front door, and right past the security desk and the dude was sleeping. Ya. I know. Sleeping. I could of just walked into the school with like 50 pounds of explosives in my backpack and lugging AK-47's and Mini Guns behind me. o yes. goodbye chippewa. who would stop me? the one cop that we have? I BET THATS A PELLIT GUN. they dont give her a real gun. she cant handle it. haha im rambling. i hope no crazy FBI dudes read this and think im like a terrorist. crap. . . that would be bad. lol. i could c like a fbi dude searching google for like explosives and my journal entry comes up. haha. that'd amuse me. for like a second. okay but ya. then in swimming i was very happy that i did not have to swim. considering we watched some action packed swimming thrillers. Elementry Backstroke!!!!!! o man what a hit that was in China, but i dont think it had the same affect here. Then in math me joe, adam, and won ton soup go these like pin things and we were having duels. it was exciting, but have u ever been stabbed in the buttox with one? and pull it cuz it sticks in? well let me tell u the pain i felt today. DFDGRFERGBFDG. okay i think thats all of it AHTHTHTGRDFHDHGGJGHGH no jk okay i think i'm FGFDGERSFDESGETRYUHTJHFGJ%ETY%EHRRT nope sorry bout that #%%&Y%RETG%E^Y%EHRTDFYR okay seriously now thats all it RG$#TG$RTR$EYTE%G nope i guess not. okay but really now 32$%$#^$^ okay thats it. but ya if u could imagine it hurting. . . well it did. then i came home and slept my pain away. and i had a dream about Freakazoid. does anyone remember that show from like 2nd grade???? it was on nick he was like blue n stuff and the song was like freakazoid freakazoid runs around in underware freakazoid chipanze. c i remember it. well details later. i gotta go finish my report on Mexico. mmm how exciting. later.


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(no subject)

So heres a new one, my mom thinks that i JJ am a rebelious hippy. . . so ya, i was talking a little bit during church and then after she like flipped out and me n shes like rawwww ur 16 u need a job ur so rebelious i think were going to shave your head. Then on the way back we stopped at the store for some chips n she hands me the money and shes like go get some chips and im like i dont eat them im not goin to get them u do it, so she just turns off the car n shes like, fine, we'll wait. . . and so we waited. . . and waited. . . and waited, then this car pulled up next to us. . . but we still waited. like a tiger watching its prey, waiting for its time to pounce. Like Elmer scilently hunting wabbit. like a dog sitting at your feet while u eat a peice of pizza waiting for just a small crumb to fall as if it hasent eaten in years. . . okay enough of that. so anyways we waited for about a half an hour then im like i have better things to do so i go and get it, yes yes, i gave in. but it was out of sheer boredom. i won the war. but i lost the battle. but hey, at least i won something. and now she wont let me go on the computer or anything, but she isnt home so what the heck. i thought i should sneak around and tell you all about my exciting desputes. i dont want to go to school tomorrow. hmmm. i forgot to do my global studies. . . hmmm. stupid mr. campell. mmmm. . . soup. okay i say mmm to much o well, im like homer simpson. mmmm doughnut. okay anyways i gotta go before mommie dearest catches me and shaves my head while i sleep. i wuv my golden locks. i dont wanna go back to being short haired. back in my lets spike my hair day. i was a loser. and i like my hair. hmmm i sound like a stupid person. lol. i love my hair, mommie dont take it. please mommie. okay thats enough. well. like i said a few paragraphs ago, i gosta roll homie. bye bye. spanish fly. mmm van halen

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(no subject)

  I've done nothing exciting lately if you couldnt tell already from the lack of updates. But im not updating this because something happened today. . . im just updating it out of sheer boredom.

  So ya anyways, last night i went to James's and i chilled there until about 11:30ish, then his mommie wouldnt give me a ride home so i had to GNOME!!!!!! walk home like a mile n a half in the middle of the night. . . it was exciting, so today i havent left home yet, and i just washed clothes all day and cleaned my room for excitment or something. it was an odd day. ALL THOUGH i did spend some of my day on which is now kind of up if u get the hang of it and downloading some of adams world famous videos, which might i add are amazing indeed. and ya, that is what my day consisted of. how exciting. . . . well ill update this later when something exciting happens (never) goodbye for now.       THEIR COMING FOR YOU MR. ANDERSON


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