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i only see rainbows...

now that the bandages are gone.

2/15/06 12:58 am


I'm over at dumpsterfetish. You know you miss me.


6/20/05 03:09 am

OKAY I was too dumb to do it the other way.

I've made a new journal, DUMPSTERFETISH. I've added some people, but I forgot a bunch so now I feel like a moron. So add me if you want.


6/19/05 03:28 am - Pirates, gimps, Spice Girls, and Ferrets. Seriously.

Last Friday, Payge, Alexis, and myself went to HURRICANE HARBOR!!! For those of you who don't know, it's a water park that attracts trashy people, like us.


Payge and I are awesome.
PIRATES.Collapse )

Alexis and I got sunburned really bad, mainly our backs, arms, and a bit of our chests [boobz!]. We lived through the burning, the itching that almost made me cry, and the peeling. Alexis is lucky, and now she's peeling and a bit tan, but my sensitive fuckin skin is still red and blistered. It's mainly my arms too, so I just look like a damn freak.

That night, we hung out with Kenneth and Sean. We watched Spice World [I swear Sean picked it out], had a ferret [!] run onto our back porch, and had encounters with tree monsters. The next day Alexis and I went to Denny's and it was really effin good.

Hm... my wrist healed BUT I STILL HAVE GIMP PRIDE.

So, if I still have readers, I'm going to start updating live journal a lot more. Expect quite a few more random updates and picture posts coming up.

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6/7/05 11:40 pm

Q. Who's the moron who sprained her wrist and can only use her left hand to do everything?

A. Me.


Also, someone please stop me from ordering things on line. It's getting ridiculous.

6/3/05 09:08 pm - Also known as: Vagina.

I've been saying the word "twat" quite a bit lately. I can't stop. It's an addiction. If there's a place in my flow of speech that I can say the word "twat", I will say it. Sometimes I'll say it where it doesn't belong, like "Hey do you want to TWAT go to the store with me?"

I've also been spending a lot of time on
www.medicinefilms.com lately. It's pretty awesome. I recommend watching Moustache and Beard and This Is Your Brain On 21 Jumpstreet.

Go check it out. Twats.

5/28/05 01:48 am

I really should be asleep.
I didn't get home until 9:30 am Thursday morning, and I slept for a few hours, but I had to wake up and get ready for the My Chemical Romance show [omfg!!123211']. Anna picked me up at 6:30 and we drove out to Rowlett to pick up her friends Robert and David. We finally got to the club at 8:30. I thought the second opening band was pretty good, but Anna seemed to disagree. Anna thought one of the bouncers was hot, but I really disagreed. The one thing we agreed on was the fact that MCR is fucking bad ass live. I didn't think I could love them anymore, but I was so wrong.

After the show we drove around for a bit, trying to figure out something to do. We eventually decided to buy some beer [five minutes before midnight, score!] and drive to Rockwall to drink at David's friend Amber's apartment. A bunch of people showed up, and then decided to go swimming, so Anna, Robert, David, and myself stayed on the balcony with some guy who decided to pee off of it. We eventually left and got some Taco Cabana. I was pretty drunk and decided that red chips are stupid.

I got home at about three, allowed Payge and Alexis badger me for an hour. At four I called Cody and we talked about all kinds of shit, like we always do, and then I fell asleep at 5. But it was a really shitty sleep. So I've been tired all day. I haven't even changed out of my pajamas. But I got to hang out with Carleigh, so it's all awesome.

Gosh I'm so popular.

P.S. The new Alkaline Trio CD is so fucking good. So good. Seriously.

5/5/05 02:38 pm - Oh my, its May.

I've been having nightmares for months. The night before last, I was finally having a normal dream, and I got woken the fuck up.
Last night it was back to more nightmares.

Okay, so despite the fact that I was sick, last weekend was pretty awesome. Saw MSI on Friday [they were amazing], and I got to hang out with Steve, Cody, Anna, and a few others [they were also amazing].
Saturday sucked though, I was way too sick to do anything other than sit around.

Yesterday Alexis, Payge, and I got a bunch of job applications. We're hoping to get an apartment near the mall, and all work in the same area. But who knows.
I'm not sure why, but a few people have been telling me to try and get a job at Hot Topic.
Oh, and then we went to a hot tub. And some people on a balcony stared at us.

Does anyone else hate stupid little girls who slut around as much as I do?

4/18/05 10:11 pm - POONEH!

I chopped a whole lot of my hair off.

Payge [my awesome roommate], Alexis [my awesome sister], and myself [I'm not that awesome], bought a fish. We named it Pooneh, after a contestant on todays episode of Wheel Of Fortune.

FISH!!!Collapse )

4/15/05 11:09 pm

Today I...

Ordered 3 tickets to see Mindless Self Indulgence on April 29th in Dallas.

Ordered 5 tickets to see Alkaline Trio on July 11th in Dallas.

Ordered 2 tickets to see Alkaline Trio on July 12th in Austin.

Aaand thats all I care about.


I also have $0 now.

4/8/05 05:20 pm - Scary, much?

Alexis, Payge, and myself were bored and looking for some random fun, so we headed out to Bob Woodruff Park. There's a playground, a lake, and some scary motherfucking woods.

All was fun, we ate some Wendy's, played on the swings whilst talking about fucking, and then we headed out to sit on the lake. Payge ran around pantless, then she chased some ducks & fell down. We watched crap come out of ducks. Alexis & I slowdanced while she sang Lionel Ritchie. We made a duck friend named Turk, who growled at me. Alexis & Payge are hoochies, and they showed their naughty parts to the ducks. I'm sure there's a lot I forgot, but I'm sure Alexis will remind me, again.

So we were sitting there, scratching naughty things into the railing with a pocket knife, because we're vandals, and we heard a bunch of screaming in the woods. It was a guy & a girl, and we thought they were having sex or something, so we ignored it. Then we heard her scream. We wrote it off as a sex scream. It was quiet for a few minutes or so, and then we heard the same guy yelling, this time at a new guy we hadn't heard before. We tried to listen but couldn't really tell what they were saying.

We ignored it again, and then we heard guy number 2 moaning, and it sounded like it was closer than before [or perhaps that was our paranoia]. Not pleasurable moaning, either. Like wounded moaning or something. Then there was some "FUCK YOU [insert racial slur]!!!!!!!", more yelling, and then "GO, GO, GO!". So we started going towards the car, duh, because once shit like that starts happening, there's no way in hell we're gonna sit there like idiots. We got closer to the car & started hearing "HELP!". We were all "WTF!" at this point, but once we actually got to the car, it seemed like it had stopped.

We started getting in the car when we heard more moans & screaming, but we couldn't really tell what was being said. We got in the car, decided to call the cops, & Payge told the nice lady on the phone everything we heard, and then we got the hell out of there. Duh.

I really have no idea what was going on, again, it could have just been some really kinky shit, or there might be a few dead people [I really hope not, because that sucks.] Regardless, that was some really motherfucking scary shit right there.

The end.
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