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Falling From Grace

Fallen From Grace

15 December 1987
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  • blackend_rose_@livejournal.com
Name: Samantha Spray
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4
Hair: he he atm purple, last week, red, next week, god knows
Eyes: Blue
Heritige: British
Education: college, art lol
Occupation: student

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i don't need you and i never have, i never will, your NOTHING to me, go away and fuck, go away and cry, go away and scream, go away and die. Do what you like, youre nothing to me, do what you like i don't give a SHIT.

This is my journal, people who don't comment at leas occasionally (as in at least once in every 2 or 3 weeks WILL BE DELEATED! you have been warned, so if your thinking im just for popularity your wrong, so go and increase your popularity elsewere.

This is FRIENDS ONLY purely because i don't want everyone knowing my business.

If you want to be added post me a comment an ADD ME FIRST as i will use your journal to judge wreather or not i wish to be your friend.

If your not going to stay active, or respect my views or opinions turn around and walk away now because your presance will NOT be welcome here.

Post me a comment and i will consider adding you.